7 Jun 2011

The municipality of Zemun hosted the British Ambassador of Serbia, HE Michael Davenport, on Monday, along with the BARLA U19s, Serbian Rugby League Federation board members, and prominent guests from the economy, culture and sports. The mayor of Zemun, Branislav Prostran organized a reception for the guests from the UK and expressed their satisfaction that the young British athletes showed them the potential for the development of rugby league in Serbia.

Ambassador Davenport: “It's a great honor to be here for the events this week. It’s fantastic to welcome British rugby players here in Zemun; it's a great initiative and I wish you success this week. This event shows the interest of young people in Serbia for the traditional British sports.“

Dave Roberts, manager of the BARLA U19 team thanked the municipality for their hospitality before leading his team to "Ilija Bircanin" school where they ran drills and rugby league games for over 150 children.