Ukrainian Federation of Rugby League

The Ukrainian Federation of Rugby League joined the ERL in 2008 as an Official Observer. Its operations are concentrated in the east of the country, around the industrial cities of Kharkov and Donetsk. The first club, Legion XIII, was formed by students in 2007 and played in the Russian championship before the commencement of the four-team Ukrainian championship in 2009.

The championship increased to six clubs in 2010, demonstrating the rapid rise of the sport in the country. In addition to the championship the UFRL runs the Ukrainian Cup and, since 2010, a youth competition. Internationally, UFRL has fielded a senior national side since 2008 but participated in official competition for the first time in 2009.

Following the commencement of the conflict in the east of the country, which affected some of the strongest rugby league clubs in the Donetsk region, UFRL pivoted to the west, administering western and eastern conferences.

The nine-strong Board of Directors is elected by the general assembly and can serve for four years.

UFRL became a full member of the ERL in May 2013.

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