Germany: 0
Serbia: 0

    N. Keinhorst
    Pešić, Radovanović, Vukanović, Matejić, Milanko, Jerković

    M. Keinhorst
    Vukanović 6/7, Matejić 1/1

Match report


Germany suffered in its national rugby union capital, feeling the force of the Serbian backlash from their unsuccessful world cup qualifying campaign in May and June. Serbia, having lost to the Netherlands, Russia and Georgia, entered the first ever European Shield match in uncompromising mood and summarily took Germany apart at the seams.

The hosts’ victories last summer against scratch Austrian and Estonian teams in the predecessor to the Shield, the Central Europe Development Tri-Nations, proved distant memories against the well-drilled and highly motivated Serbians, led by the experienced Dino Vikas.

Once Nick Keinhorst had levelled Zoran Pesic's 5th minute opener 15 minutes before halftime, Germany fell away, conceding two more tries before halftime.Germany resisted stoutly in the second period, but when fullback Nenad Matejic scored on 62 minutes the writing was well and truly on the wall.

The visitors’ 22-year-old play-maker, Dalibor Vukanovic, controlled his side’s attack, registering a personal haul of 16-points along the way.

Dominik Bastian, Michael Glaser, Markus Keinhorst, Patrick Husdorfer, Nick Keinhorst, Kristian Keinhorst, Leo Berngruber (c), Julian Zabel, Falk Schmitt, Moritz Hottenrott, Simon Cooper, Benedikt Rehm, Dan Stocks. Subs: Peter Smutna, Sebastian Hogl, Alex Klöpper, Anjum Khan.

Nenad Matejić; Dimitris Dajč, Dušan Mijušković, Nenad Grbić, Branko Vojvodić; Jovan Vujošević, Mate Granić; Radoslav Novaković (capt.), Zoran Pešić, Soni Radovanović; Nikola Jerković, Miloš Milanko; Dalibor Vukanović. Subs: Petar Mauković, Ivan Antić, Milan Šušnjara, Milos Banduka