Canada: 10
Brazil: 6

  • Ferris Sandboe (25),
  • Megan Pakulis (28),
  • Sarah Maguire (29),
  • Alanna Fittes (79)
  • Franciny Amaral (7),
  • Edna Santini (44),
  • Patricia Bodeman (73)

  • Dani Frananda (3/4)
  • Maria Graf (2/3)

  • Petra Woods,
  • Ferris Sandboe,
  • Dani Frananda,
  • Nina Bui,
  • Lauren Mueller,
  • Laura Mariu,
  • Sabrina McDaid,
  • Ada Jane Okonkwo,
  • Alanna Fittes,
  • Elizabeth Steele,
  • Gabrielle Hindley,
  • Maddy Aberg,
  • Megan Pakulis.
  • Subs: Natasha Naismith,
  • Kristy Sargent,
  • Sarah Maguire,
  • Jade Menin
  • Natalia Momberg,
  • Edna Santini,
  • Leticia Medeiros,
  • Amanda Welter,
  • Danielle Soares,
  • Giovanna Moura,
  • Maria Graf,
  • Franciny Amaral,
  • Patricia Bodeman,
  • Paula Casemiro,
  • Patricia Oliveria,
  • Ana Loschi De Quadros,
  • Brena Prioste.
  • Subs: Tati Fernandes,
  • Barbara Leal,
  • Franciele Barros,
  • Natalia Jonck

Match report

Alanna Fittes' last-gasp try broke Brazilian hearts as Canada closed their World Cup with a nail-biting 22-16 victory

Ferris Sandboe, Megan Pakulis, Sarah Maguire and Patricia Bodeman also crossed to give the Ravens their sole World Cup victory in Leeds.

Brazil bow out of the tournament with no wins from three but bid a fond farewell as Edna Santini's emphatic length-of-the-pitch try made a case for the score of the women' tournament so far.

It was a see-saw match with both sides looking to impress having failed to qualify for the semi-finals and the Headingley crowd was bustling with support for the two sides.

Brazil roared into action, remedying their performance in the 70-0 defeat to Papua New Guinea with some structured play early in the match.

And Franciny Amaral drew first blood as she thundered forward and slid over the line in the 6th minute before a line break from Natalia Momberg nearly brought them a second in quick succession.

The Ravens were helped by the finishing skills of the Amazonas,who struggled to capitalise on further promising forays forward by Momberg and Santini.

Canada finally began to settle after 20 minutes as Maddy Aberg carved her way down the pitch and out of her own half.

Her surge of energy seemed to ignite the Ravens as they suddenly turned the tables, camping close to Brazil's line before Sandboe claimed their first points, dotting down in the right-hand corner.  

Mike Castle's side took control of the game before the break as Maguire easily slipped past the Brazil defence to cross for their second and the lead.

Adberg continued to be a charging force down the middle but a poor pass from Dani Franada to Sandboe denied them a third with the match evenly poised at 10-6 at half-time.

A spectacular solo score by Santini got the second half underway as the 2016 Olympic rugby sevens athlete plucked the ball out of thin air during a Canada set and charged the full length of the pitch to score.

It was a close back and forth battle but the Ravens scrambled again and player of the match Pakulis reclaimed the lead for her side with her 20th carry of the night, burrowing over the line with 20 minutes left.

The excitement grew as the Amazonas clawed their way back into the Canada half and Bodeman snuck across the line with just six minutes to go.

The clock was against both sides as it ticked down to full-time, but it was Canada who walked away victorious as Fittes chased down the loose ball and grounded for the try.