Wales: 70
Scotland: 0

  • Gary Preece (1),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (2),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (4),
  • Harry Jones (6),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (9),
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward (12),
  • Stuart Williams (18),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (25),
  • Stuart Williams (27),
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward (29),
  • Stuart Williams (35),
  • Mark Williams (40),
  • Stuart Williams (42),
  • Lucie Roberts (58),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (71),
  • Ricki Davies (73),
  • Ricki Davies (75),
  • Gary Preece (76),
  • Ricki Davies (78),
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward (79)
  • Jay Anderson (56)

  • Scott Trigg-Turner (14/15),
  • Stuart Williams (3/4),
  • Mason Baker (1/1)
  • John Willans (1/1)

  • Scott Trigg-Turner,
  • Gary Preece,
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward,
  • Stuart Williams,
  • Lucie Roberts,
  • Mark Williams,
  • Harry Jones,
  • Alan Caron,
  • Ricki Davies,
  • Mason Baker
  • Pete Lauder,
  • Bex Parker,
  • Paul Hartley,
  • Cayden Thomson,
  • Callum Young,
  • Michael Mellon,
  • Graeme Stewart,
  • John Willans,
  • Jay Anderson,
  • Neil Johnston

Match report

Scotland needed to beat Wales by 23 points or more to win the Cup, but in the end Wales achieved their highest ever margin of victory and highest ever points scored in a game.
It took less than 30 seconds for Gary Preece to give Wales the lead. Scott Trigg-Turner converted, then scored Wales second try and improved it. 12-0 on less than three minutes. Trigg-Turner added his second, then Harry Jones raced in for Wales’ fourth. Both were converted by Trigg-Turner, but one went over off the bar. 24-0 after less than seven minutes.
After having her first try disallowed, Jodie Boyd-Ward crossed for Wales’ fifth on 12 minutes that Trigg-Turner improved. Stuart Williams wheeled in for his 51st Wales try on 18 minutes with Trigg-Turner converting.
Trigg-Turner, Stuart Williams and Boyd-Ward added further first half tries, Trigg-Turner landing two goals and Mark Williams one, to put the score onto 60-0.
Stuart Williams scored the try of the half on 35 minutes, a stunning Welsh move involving all five players. Along with Stuart Williams, Mark Williams, Lucie Roberts, Jones and Preece were avoiding tackles and making superb passes. Mark Williams converted before adding a try of his own to put the score onto 70-0 at half-time.
It was 76-0 on 43 minutes after Stuart Williams scored and Mark Williams converted. However Wales couldn’t add to their lead for some time, as Scotland upped their game. After being unlucky on a number of raids on the Welsh line, eventually Jay Anderson crossed and John Willans landed the goal. 
Wales soon addressed the balance when Roberts grounded and Mason Baker converted to put the score up to 82-6. With nine minutes remaining. Trigg-Turner added his fifth of the game, which he converted himself.  Ricki Davies added the next two tries, with Trigg-Turner converting the second, with Preece then scoring to bring up the century.  Davies went over for his hat-trick with two minutes remaining before Boyd-Ward scored to break all Welsh records. Trigg-Turner converted both.