Ireland: 6
Wales: 40

  • Peter Johnston (12),
  • Toby Burton-Carter (55),
  • Tom Martin (67),
  • Tom Martin (68)
  • Harry Jones (4),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (6),
  • Stuart Williams (10),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (18),
  • Harry Jones (23),
  • Stuart Williams (31),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (34),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (41),
  • Gary Preece (48),
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (50),
  • Mark Williams (59),
  • Mark Williams (61)

  • Peter Johnston (3/5)
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (8/12)

  • Stephen Palin-Campbell,
  • Rick Rodgers,
  • Peter Johnston,
  • Damian McCabe,
  • Tom Martin,
  • Phil Roberts,
  • Josh Gardner,
  • Toby Burton-Carter,
  • Darren Dowey
  • Scott Trigg-Turner,
  • Gary Preece,
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward,
  • Stuart Williams,
  • Lucie Roberts,
  • Mark Williams,
  • Harry Jones,
  • Alan Caron,
  • Mason Baker

Match report

In game one, Wales took the lead in the fourth minute with a Harry Jones try in the corner. Scott Trigg-Turner converted before extending the lead further with a try in the opposite corner. His second kick hit the post and Wales were 10-0 up on seven minutes.
Stuart Williams then scored his 49th Wales try on 10 minutes with Trigg-Turner converting.
Peter Johnston hit back for Ireland two minutes later, which he converted himself to pull the score back to 16-6 but Trigg-Turner grabbed his second of the game on 18 minutes which he duly converted.
Five minutes later, Jones stormed under the posts for his second with Trigg-Turner converting to put the score up to 28-6.
Then, just after the half-hour, Stuart Williams got his second of the game, that historic personal 50th. Trigg-Turner converted again before getting his hat-trick of tries and adding a further goal to put Wales 40-6 up at the break.
It took less than a second half minute for Trigg-Turner to cross for his fourth try. Gary Preece added the next Wales try which Trigg-Turner improved before adding his fifth try and converting again.
Toby Burton-Carter crossed for an Irish try, before Mark Williams went over for two more for Wales, all of which went unconverted. Martin added a further two Ireland scores with Johnston converting both, to make the final score 64-22.