Ireland: 36
Scotland: 0

  • Tom Martin (3),
  • Tom Martin (10),
  • Tom Martin (15),
  • Peter Johnson (25),
  • Peter Johnson (28),
  • Toby Barton-Carter (38),
  • Scott Robertson (44),
  • James McCarthy (47),
  • Tom Martin (50)
  • Callum Young (1),
  • John Willians (20),
  • Callum Young (29),
  • Callum Young (59)

  • Peter Johnson (8/9)
  • Michael Mellon (2/3),
  • John Willians (1/1)

  • Peter Johnson,
  • Toby Barton-Carter,
  • Tom Martin,
  • Stephen Palin-Campbell,
  • Scott Robertson,
  • Phil Roberts,
  • James McCarthy,
  • Ken Maloney,
  • Damian McCabe
  • Daniel Grant,
  • Michael Mellon,
  • John Willians,
  • Callum Young,
  • Neil Johnstone,
  • Pete Lauder,
  • Dave Anderson,
  • Cadyn Thompson,
  • Graeme Stewart,
  • Paul Hartley

Match report

Ireland ran in nine tries as they defeated Scotland 52-22 in Calderdale, as both nations continued their preparations for the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup in the autumn. 

Scotland scored first in the opening minute through Callum Young, who finished with three tries, but a genuine 12 minute hat trick by Halifax’s Tom Martin saw the Irish take control. They led 36-16 at the break, Peter Johnston with two tries to go with his total of eight goals for a 24 point haul.

Toby Burton-Carter and Phil Roberts also crossed for Ireland, former Paralympian James McCarthy scoring a try in the 47th minute on his debut in the sport, while Martin claimed his fourth.

Damian McCabe, Ireland’s player/head coach, noted: “It’s a good confidence boost and I was pleased we rectified some things from the recent Celtic Cup. We go out as a better team than we came in and that’s what I was looking for. If possible, I’ll be searching for another game before the World Cup commences, and we’ll have some more trials in Dublin to find more players like James McCarthy.”

John Willans, who impressed throughout, scored a try and goal for Scots for whom Michael Mellon also stood out, the last 20 minutes remaining scoreless as the defensive intensity increased.

Scotland head coach, Mark Roughsedge, said: “There were lots of periods of nice touches but some that resulted in fuzzy thinking. We need to work to get the players to paint a clearer picture under pressure when making decisions – but we’re not far off. I don’t think there was 30 points between the teams.”