South Africa: 26
Poland: 6

South Africa:
  • Kobe Martin (4),
  • Jason Cutler (20),
  • Coby Thomas (23),
  • Kobe Martin (35),
  • Byron Hutchinson (40),
  • Luke de Vlieg (42),
  • Byron Hutchinson (75)
  • Ethan Niszczot (12),
  • Ethan Niszczot (47),
  • Callum Gromer (78)

South Africa:
  • Byron Hutchinson (5/7)
  • Ethan Niszczot (2/3)

South Africa:
  • Luke de Vlieg,
  • Byron Hutchinson,
  • Keegan Turner,
  • Kobe Martin,
  • Jason Cutler,
  • Bevan De Vries,
  • Coby Thomas,
  • Joel Tubbs,
  • Harry Blake,
  • Shane Gilham,
  • Ethan Sweet,
  • Brad Sparrow,
  • Aden Perry.
  • Subs: Jason King,
  • Jovan Pienar,
  • Kalum Gulliver-Brown,
  • Joshua Hill
  • Callum Gromer,
  • MIchal Maslanka,
  • Simon Maslanka,
  • Lochlan Srama,
  • Nathan Michalowski,
  • Ethan Niszczot,
  • Matthew Stachnik,
  • James Usher,
  • Tynan Forster,
  • Mitchell Shaw,
  • Chippie Korostchuk,
  • Norbert Balacinski,
  • Brayden Tyburski.
  • Subs: Joel Szczudlo,
  • Dwayne Moseley,
  • Aidan Manowski,
  • Alex Kowalski

Match report

South Africa claimed the Warsaw Airlift Cup, defeating Poland XIII 38-16 at Southport Tigers in Queensland, Australia, winger Byron Hutchinson with a try and five goals. 

Rhinos head coach Darryl Fisher commented: “We are really happy how the squad is progressing, in both camps this year the attitude of the squad has been exceptional. The game against Poland was a very physical and competitive contest and the side showed glimpses of their potential. With the depth we have built within the squad throughout 2022, we are hoping to see the side continue to improve next year.”

Captain Shane Gillham added: “I feel that we have developed a base to be able to inspire South Africans to support rugby league. We are going to build the SARL for a long and prosperous future with development in the country as well as pushing players to aspire for NRL ambitions. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”