Poland: 16
Norway: 8

  • Tomek Pozniak (1),
  • Kyle Kesik (15),
  • Adam Jasinski (21),
  • Mateusz Kłosiński (51)
  • Martin Høyland, (26),
  • Kristoffer Milligan (37),
  • Martin Høyland, (55),
  • Robin Bjoernstad (71)

  • Kyle Kesik (3/4)
  • Stephen Mwikaria (0/2),
  • Kristoffer Milligan (1/2)

  • Mateusz Kowalewski,
  • kamil Wilkowski,
  • Domink Medecki,
  • Adam Jasinski,
  • Tomek Pozniak,
  • Lukas Lucka,
  • Kyle Kesik,
  • Stef Archer,
  • Tomasz Zerbe,
  • Harry Chmiel,
  • Phil Laycock,
  • Gab Romianowsk,
  • Eryk Wisniewskii.
  • Subs: Kacper Filipczak,
  • Mateusz Kłosiński,
  • Chris Malloney,
  • Simon Adamski
  • Lucas Zuniga,
  • Casey Biggs,,
  • Arne Oma Torsen,
  • Martin Høyland,,
  • Patrick Justad,
  • Kristoffer Milligan,
  • Stephen Mwikaria,
  • Mathias Vada Stenseth-Holm,
  • Robin Bjoernstad,
  • Daniel Horne,
  • Marius Odland Sagelv,
  • Nils Kristian Holte,
  • Harald Mikalsen.
  • Subs: Oliver Falk,
  • Eric Mellor,
  • Andreas Vågen,
  • Kevin Båtnes

Match report

Poland, for whom Keighley’s Kyle Kesick scored 10 points, won the inaugural Narvik Cup, defeating Norway 22-18 in a thrilling encounter at Wanderers Sports Ground in Ilford, London. The sides posted four tries each, centre Martin Høyland with a brace for the Norwegians.

Poland led throughout the game, with Norway coming back aggressively in the second half and just failing to convert a chance a minute from time due to a lost ball in a despairing tackle close to the line that could have drawn the contest. 

Poland joint head coach, Dean Reacher, commented: “It was a really good contest, both teams going toe to toe, there was plenty of enthusiasm and a real will to win from our guys.”

Opposite number, Norway’s Liam Stead, noted: “I’m really happy with the performance and proud of the effort from everyone, we stepped up in the second half and had our moment but just missed our opportunity in the last minute. But this is a massive step up for us even though we haven’t got the result.”