England: 70
Wales: 6

  • Seb Bechara (3),
  • Seb Bechara (5),
  • Seb Bechara (7),
  • Joe Coyd (12),
  • Joe Coyd (21),
  • Joe Coyd (24),
  • Jack Brown (27),
  • Robert Hawkins (29),
  • Jack Brown (31),
  • Seb Bechara (33),
  • Jack Brown (35),
  • Jack Brown (37),
  • Jack Brown (41),
  • Joe Coyd (44),
  • Lewis King (47),
  • Jack Brown (51),
  • Nathan Collins (54),
  • Jack Brown (58),
  • Jack Brown (60),
  • Declan Roberts (69),
  • James Simpson (76),
  • Robert Hawkins (78)
  • Scott Trigg-Turner (19),
  • Gary Preece (49),
  • Stuart Williams (56),
  • Alan Caron (66)

  • Robert Hawkins (7/8),
  • Nathan Collins (10/11),
  • Declan Roberts (1/3)
  • Andrew Higgins (2/2),
  • Gary Preece (1/2)

Drop goals
  • Declan Roberts

  • Tom Halliwell,
  • Robert Hawkins,
  • Seb Bechara,
  • Lewis King,
  • Joe Coyd,
  • Nathan Collins,
  • Jack Brown,
  • Wayne Boardman,
  • Declan Roberts,
  • James Simpson
  • Scott Trigg-Turner,
  • Gary Preece,
  • Andrew Higgins,
  • Stuart Williams,
  • Martin Lane,
  • Harry Jones,
  • Lucie Roberts,
  • Stephen Halsey,
  • Jodie Boyd-Ward,
  • Alan Caron

Match report

Jack Brown reached a remarkable World Cup half-century as his eight tries booked England a spot in the World Cup final with a 125-22 victory over Wales.

The leading try-scorer in the competition’s history took his tally to 52 and equalled the record for the most tries scored by an individual in a World Cup match as the hosts booked their spot in Friday’s final against France.

Sebastien Bechara and Joe Coyd scored four apiece while Wales kept battling until the end and crossed four times themselves in a Sheffield try-fest.

England flew out the traps in the steel city and Bechara had his treble wrapped up inside seven minutes.

Coyd quickly followed his teammate and dotted down three times but not without Welsh resistance, Scott Trigg-Turner and Gary Preece capitalising on a rare error by the home team and Trigg-Turner slipping past the England defence for their only points of the first half.

England quickly closed ranks with a bombardment of tries before the break as Brown roared into action.

His scores either side of a Hawkins try, along with Bechara’s fourth, took England into a convincing 70-6 lead at the break.

Brown started the second half as he had finished the first, storming 10 metres down the court and dotting down with ease before Coyd collected his fourth.

Wales hit back with tries of their own either side of a Nathan Collins score as Gary Preece found his way through for their second try of the match, successfully converting his own effort.

Wales skipper Stuart Williams was next to power over the line but there was no stopping Brown, who was soon charging down the court again for his seventh and eighth of the game.

Alan Caron dotted down for Wales but with Preece sent for a sin bin with just five minutes to go, there was still time for Declan Roberts, James Simpson and Hawkins to cross for England and wrap up the victory.