Greece: 0
Philippines: 20

  • Jacky Lyden (12),
  • Janine Jamieson (17),
  • Stefanie Thomas (23),
  • Tynia Wells (38),
  • Cassandra Koch (51),
  • Natalie Webb (60),
  • Pia Galon (69),
  • Takiah Buchanan (73)

  • Janine Jamieson (3/9)

  • Alexia Foster Papanicolau,
  • Antonia Karias,
  • Taliah Mafi,
  • Angelina Ballas,
  • Ebony Tsoukas,
  • Lavinia Taukamo,
  • Maria Posantzis,
  • Cherish Tseros,
  • Jonaya Bent,
  • Mikayla Tuliatu,
  • Christine Tsougranis,
  • Stella Lellis,
  • Meleanna Waters.
  • Subs: Jasmin Testa,
  • Lisa Poulakis,
  • Simone Stephen,
  • Stephanie Glumac
  • Takiah Buchanan,
  • Stefanie Thomas,
  • Pia Galon,
  • Tynia Wells,
  • Linae Williams,
  • Cassandra Koch,
  • Natalie Webb,
  • Charlene Vaughan,
  • Tommy Fletcher,
  • Alana-Lee Grace,
  • Jacky Lyden,
  • Meagan Rickertt,
  • Janine Jamieson.
  • Subs: Lila Reynolds,
  • Leah Ellem,
  • Taneisha Canoy,
  • Stefanie Brown-Galbraith

Match report

Philippines proved too good for Greece, running out 38-0 winners in the Women’s Rugby League international played in hot conditions at Lidcombe Oval in Sydney.

To their credit, the Greek girls never gave up and actually went into the game with five girls playing Rugby League for the first time.

“We also had another three that haven’t played in two years and a couple of  players that only met the rest of team on the day” said Greek coach Stuart McLennan.

Greece had the better of play in the opening stages of the game but failed to turn it into points.

Philippines opened the scoring after 12 minutes of action when Jacky Lyden was able to crash over to score under the posts.

Half-back Natalie Webb, showed great speed and a step to take on the line and score five minutes later. Janine Jamieson added her second goal to make it 12-0.

The Sampaguitas increased their lead to 16-0 when winger Stefanie Thomas crossed in the corner.

Philippines led 20-0 at half-time when Tynia wells raced down the sideline to dive over wide out.

Greece went close to scoring through Ebony Tsoukas but it was Philippines that added another try in the 51st minute through Cassandra Koch.

They finished up with three more tries - Webb in the 60th minute, Pia Galon (69th minute) and Takiah Buchanan in the 73rd minute after the Greek girls let the ball bounce in the in-goal.

“Big thanks to Greek Rugby League Australia for hosting us. They were the bigger and more physical side, but the cliche line would be defence wins games our girls dug deep and worked hard for each other and it showed on the scoreboard”, said Philippines coach Jake Kamire.

McLennan was proud of his girls despite the scoreline and came away with plenty of positives.

“The Philippines played very well today and were too good. It was not the result we were looking for but Greece has just begun our journey to assemble a group of Australian based players to combine with our domestic ladies and compete for a World Cup spot. We will keep working and improving throughout the year,” said McLennan.

There was a historic moment for Greece when Christine Tsougranis followed in her dad’s (Michael) footstep by becoming the first father-daughter to play Rugby League for Greece.