England: 0
France: 26

  • Lewis Topping (56),
  • Lewis Topping (64),
  • Cameron Robinson (71),
  • Josh Hopkins (80)
  • Nolan Sosse (4),
  • Nolan Sosse (18),
  • Kiyam Benabbou (25),
  • Yann Doutres Pedragosa (35),
  • Lucas Neveu (38),
  • Joris Fernandez (46)

  • Jacob Rushford (2/4)
  • Mathis Frayssinous (6/6)

  • Jacob Rushford,
  • Henry Parkin,
  • Rueben Ruane,
  • Adam Robinson,
  • Lewis Topping,
  • Josh Hopkins,
  • Josh Langley,
  • Miller Dalton,
  • Fletcher Holgate,
  • Charlie Harrison,
  • Harry Baker,
  • Marcus Greener,
  • Joe Lewis.
  • Subs: Taylor Giroud,
  • Cameron Robinson,
  • James Surtees,
  • Alfie Hough
  • Loris Zammut,
  • Nolan Sosse,
  • Lenny Marc,
  • Felix Gautier,
  • Yann Doutres Pedragosa,
  • Mathis Frayssinous,
  • Mathis Dumont,
  • Mikael Lettat,
  • Joris Fernandez,
  • Giovanni Descalzi-Ganthier,
  • Lucas Neveu,
  • Anthony Munico,
  • Tom Poncelot.
  • Subs: Malo Boussac,
  • Mahault Beauvilliers,
  • Kiyam Benabbou,
  • Hugo Banquet

Match report

France Under 17s followed up their 26-14 win over the Lions on Saturday with a wider margin of victory on Wednesday evening.

The first game saw the Lions claim three tries from Harry Barker, Tyler Brady, and Miller Dalton with Jacob Rushforth adding one conversion. France scored five tries, taking an early lead through Yann Doutres Pedragosa before Barker's converted effort gave the hosts a 6-4 lead. Another Doutres Pedragosa effort nudged France back in front before Mathis Dumont added their third score and the conversion from Mathis Frayssinous handed the visitors a 14-6 advantage at the interval.

Tyler Brady scored first for the Lions in the second half before Keoni Galiano and Anthony Munico went in for France. Frayssinous goaled both, although the Lions were rewarded when Dalton crossed before the end.

France were impeccable in the first half of the second game while the Lions struggled to mount any sort of pressure.

The visitors amassed five tries with stand-off Mathis Frayssinous having a hand in three of them and also adding three goals to ensure a comfortable 26-0 advantage.

Right-wing Nolan Sosse scored two tries in the first eighteen minutes, the first from a glorious pass from captain Lenny Marc, while the second saw him react quickest to a grubber kick from full-back Loris Zammut. Frayssinous goaled to make it 0-10. It got even better for the French when after a Frayssinous 40/20, Kiyam Benabbou stormed onto a pass from Hugo Banquet blast over in the 25th minute.

Two further tries in the last ten minutes of the first half from Yann Doutres Pedragosa and Lucas Neuveu came from Frayssinous with the stand-off adding one conversion to bring a one-sided first forty minutes to a close.

From a Lions point of view, the second half brought massive improvement with defence, kick pressure and chase vastly improved. France impressed early on with eventual player of the match Joris Fernandez burrowing over from dummy half for Frayssinous to goal.

England Community Lions then had their first real spell of pressure, threatening on the left through Josh Langley, Harry Barker and Tyler Brady before the final pass was disrupted. The Lions kept going and scored their first try after 56 minutes when Langley kicked, France hesitated and Rueben Ruane got the ball wide for Lewis Topping to skirt around the defence and run around to the posts. Jacob Rushforth goaled.

Topping scored a second a few minutes later when Josh Hopkins kicked high, Marcus Geener contested, and kept the ball alive on the last tackle for the winger to collect and dot down to make it 10-32.

Frayssinous kicked a penalty in the 68th minute after a late tackle but England responded three minutes later with their third try.  Cameron Robinson responded quickest after Langley's grubber kick took a ricochet. Rushforth added his second goal and although Frayssinous booted a further penalty, the Lions fought to the last whistle with Josh Hopkins scoring on the final play after showing great desire to get on the end of his own kick to make the final score 20-36.