England: 18
Scotland: 12

  • Joe Riley (9),
  • Jordan Bull (18),
  • Mike Holden (32),
  • Charlie McCurrie (44),
  • Christian Gale (49),
  • Adam Lavin (54),
  • Iwan Orr (62),
  • Matty Rudd (68)
  • Fergus Simpson (3),
  • Jonny Hutton (28),
  • George Murray (78)

  • Jack Mallinson (8/8)
  • Luke Punton (3/3)

  • Nathan Redmond,
  • Mike Holden,
  • Joe Wardill,
  • Leon Stewart,
  • Jack Cherry,
  • Jack Mallinson,
  • Joe Riley,
  • Christian Gale,
  • Alfie Crawford,
  • Jordan Bull,
  • Charlie McCurrie,
  • Daniel White,
  • Jake Lightowler.
  • Subs: Adam Lavin,
  • Iwan Orr,
  • Matty Rudd,
  • Isaac Coleman
  • Jonny Hutton,
  • Ollie Rees,
  • Cameron MacDonald,
  • Pete Burns,
  • Mackenzie Cumming,
  • Fergus Simpson,
  • Luke Punton,
  • Connor Terrill,
  • Cameron Young,
  • Jack McMillan,
  • Ben Morris,
  • George Murray,
  • Jordan Duncan.
  • Subs: Finlay Hamilton,
  • Mikey Mair,
  • Ben Jardine,
  • Lochlann Nairn

Match report

Scotland were down to a bare 17 after suffering three injuries on Sunday, and whilst they held their own for the first 40 minutes, they struggled after the break, suffering a 48-18 loss to England.

It means England are in pole position to win a 14th Student Four Nations title when they take on Ireland on Saturday.

Fergus Simpson twisted over to give Scotland a third-minute lead. Luke Punton converted.

Joe Riley brilliantly struck back, going in under the sticks with Jack Mallinson’s conversion levelling things.

England were soon leading. Jordan Bull charged over from close range and Mallinson converted again.

Scotland levelled things on 28 minutes. Jonny Hutton scored in the corner and Punton goaled from the touchline.

The pendulum swung again when Mike Holden ran in for England’s third try and Mallinson kept up his one hundred percent kicking record to give them an 18-12 half-time lead.

The first half was even, but England dominated after the break. The increased their lead early on when Charlie McCurrie ran the ball in under the sticks and Mallinson converted.

Christian Gale took advantage of a gap for England’s fifth try. Mallinson’s kick took the score up to 30-12.

Adam Lavin was next over, under the posts to again make the conversion easy for Mallinson and the score was 36-12.

Then came a try for Iwan Orr, scored near the corner, but Mallinson still landed the kick. Matty Rudd’s try, England’s eighth, was slightly nearer the posts. Mallinson converted again to put the score up to 48-12.

Pete Burns was yellow carded with five minutes remaining but it was Scotland who went over for the final score of the game through George Murray.