Ireland: 10
Scotland: 0

  • Louis O'Sullivan (12),
  • Nathan Connell (36),
  • Nathan Connell (46),
  • Sean Findlow (54),
  • Paul Bolger (57),
  • Eoin Creaby (72)
  • Pete Burns (41),
  • Jonny Hutton (80)

  • Thomas Ashurst (5/6)
  • Luke Punton (1/2)

  • Nathan Connell,
  • Harry Worsley,
  • George Charnock,
  • Ellis Keppel,
  • Louis O'Sullivan,
  • Sean Findlow,
  • Thomas Ashurst,
  • Paul Bolger,
  • Ryan Hogg,
  • Jamie Gill,
  • Conor Creaby,
  • Samuel Winney,
  • James Mulvaney.
  • Subs: David Goodman,
  • Eoin Creaby,
  • Alex Duff,
  • Josh Hawthorne
  • Jonny Hutton,
  • Ben Jardine,
  • Ollie Rees,
  • Pete Burns,
  • Mackenzie Cumming,
  • Oli Shakeshaft,
  • Luke Punton,
  • Mikey Mair,
  • Cameron Young,
  • Jack McMillan,
  • Ben Morris,
  • George Murray,
  • Jordan Duncan.
  • Subs: Finlay Hamilton,
  • Lochlann Nairn,
  • Joe Craven,
  • Ross McGlone

Match report

Ireland took second place in the Student Rugby League Four Nations after overcoming a depleted Scotland side 34-10.

The Bravehearts were down to less than the bare bones for this game. With just 17 fit from their original squad, plus Connor Terrill and Fergus Simpson recalled by Workington Town, they brought in Joe Craven and Ross McGlone.

However Scotland nearly took the lead. They were just been stopped short of the line. But in the next set, Ireland worked their way upfield and Louis O’Sullivan scored in the corner.

The rain in the early part of the game had made the ball slippery which led to a few mistakes in the first half. It was soon looking like a case of who was able to keep the ball for a set would do well.

Ireland increased their lead four minutes before half-time when Nathan Connell broke away to score under the sticks making it easy for Thomas Ashurst to kick the goal making the score 10-0 at the break.

Pete Burns sprinted over in the corner in the first minute of the second half to start a potential Scottish comeback. The try went unconverted.

But Ireland restored the balance when Nathan Connell jinked round a third of the Scottish side to score under the posts. Ashurst converted to put Ireland 16-4 up.

And after Jordan Duncan was given a yellow card ten minutes into the second half, the Irish took full advantage. Sean Findlow dived in under the posts and Ashurst converted.

Paul Bolger soon followed him over with Ashurst again adding the extras.

They improved their points difference further when Eoin Creaby also scored under the posts and Ashurst converted.

However Scotland had the final say when Jonny Hutton scored under the posts in the final play of the game. Luke Punton converted.