Scotland: 4
Wales: 10

Match report

Wales recovered from going 24-4 down after an hour to Scotland in Grangemouth, but a late penalty gave Scotland only their third win over Wales at this level.

Scotland took an early 4-0 lead through an unconverted Nathan Preston try, only for Wales to quickly level through Dylan Morgan.

However, the home side went into the break with a 10-4 lead through Isaac Reid’s try that was converted by Oliver Brady.

Scotland were given an advantage early in the second half when George Birch was yellow-carded for persistent offending, and when Wales were down to 12, the Scots scored twice. First through Callum Bovill, then James Wells, with Oliver Brady converting the second.

This put them 20-4 up and no sooner had Birch come on, Scotland’s Oliver Brady was sent to the bin for a similar offence, but it was Scotland who increased their lead as Preston went over for his second.

Wales then took control of the game. Morgan went over for his second, followed quickly by Donovan Rankin, then Birch, with Mason Apsee, the player who the Welsh staff voted as their star player (pictured above), converting once.

As the game went into the last few minutes, Scotland were again down to 12 as Jack Suddick was sent to the bin. Wales took advantage straight away through a Finlay Northrop try that Apsee converted.

That levelled things and with a minute to go, the referee awarded Scotland a penalty in a kickable position and Gabriel Lewis made no mistake.

Scotland: Jack Suddick, Nathan Preston, James Wells, Callum Bovill, William Thomson, Max Shelton, Oliver Brady, Fraser McCauley, Gabriel Lewis, Reece Smethurst, Jacob Grierson, Gregor McKinnon, Isaac Reid. Interchanges: Regan Lofthouse, Jacob Bloxham, Oliver Rusling, Declan Kelly, Gregor Pert, Harrison Pendlebury, Chayton Reid,Rory McMillan

Wales: Brandon Richards, Ethan Stebbings, Oliver Ford, Donavan Rankin, Dylan Morgan, Llewellyn Hawkes, Dafydd Morgan, Cole MacDonald, Mason Apsee, William McCarthy, Finlay Northrop, Jamie Jenkins, Charlie Glover. Interchanges: Connor Lacey, Calum Jones, Charlie Stoddart, Cory Westermark, Harrison Doe, George Birch, Bryce Roberts