Jamaica: 2
United States: 38

  • Debisha Scarlett (42)
United States:
  • Cyndi Campbell (4),
  • Brittany Royes (9),
  • Brittany Royes (13),
  • Marcaya Bailous (20),
  • Brittany Royes (33),
  • Cyndi Campbell (34),
  • Marcaya Bailous (35),
  • Mariah Blackmore (48),
  • Rachel Bradley (50),
  • Nikki Snyder (59),
  • Cyndi Campbell (61),
  • Agnus Fuerst (72),
  • Narcisse Jordan (75),
  • Brittany Royes (78),
  • Samantha Black (80)

  • Shanique Smith (2/2)
United States:
  • Courtney Treco (5/8),
  • Cyndi Campbell (5/8)

  • Shanice Stewart,
  • Mischica Stewart,
  • Shoya Gordon,
  • Tajera Jicholson,
  • Venisha Mcleish,
  • Alicia Richards,
  • Shanique Smith,
  • Sherine Johnson,
  • Lovel Atkinson,
  • Zahar Ennis,
  • Darcy Price,
  • Alassandra Miller,
  • Tihanna Lewison.
  • Subs: Anneisha McAllister,
  • Daynna Angus,
  • Debisha Scarlett,
  • Amerr Kinlock
United States:
  • Brittany Royes,
  • Agnus Fuerst,
  • Cyndi Campbell,
  • Marcaya Bailous,
  • Mariah Blackmore,
  • Samantha Black,
  • Courtney Treco,
  • Paris Harr,
  • Nicole Fisch,
  • Narcisse Jordan,
  • Jeanne Beard,
  • Katie Sanford,
  • Caitlin Davis.
  • Subs: Danielle Pola Wazko Siua,
  • Shamarica Scott,
  • Rachel Bradley,
  • Nikki Snyder

Match report

USA kicked off the first Americas North Women’s Championship with an emphatic, 15-try performance to beat debutants Jamaica 80-8 at the MONA Bowl, University of West Indies, in Kingston. Centre Cyndi Campbell led the way with three tries and five goals, with Brittany Royes claiming four touchdowns.

USA women’s captain Samantha Black commented: “It was everything I could have hoped for. The team came together and was super composed. The weather was a little hot and we were grateful it started to rain but there were smiles all round.

“I have really high hopes for us against Canada, we played them 18 months ago and have grown a lot since then, new people on the roster and the returners are much stronger than last time and it should be a close match up.”

She added of player of the match, fullback Royes: “She was amazing, she wasn’t feeling too well in the lead up and we were really worried about her, we gave her a bunch of electrolytes and she slept a lot but she is incredibly reliable and we are so proud of her.”

In their first women’s international, Jamaica kicked a penalty early on, Debisha Scarlett with their first-ever try just after the break. Skipper Shanique Smith, who kicked both their goals, commented: “The game was good seeing that most of the girls are new to league. We came out and fought and that’s all you can ask them for. We made some statements that no-one was expecting, especially in defence off our line and that was a plus for us.

“We are looking at the mistakes we made and how to fix it.”