Italy: 14
Malta: 0

  • Jack Piccirilli (3),
  • Anton Iaria (16),
  • Damian Nati (26),
  • Daniel Atkinson (48),
  • Damian Nati (52),
  • Jack Piccirilli (57),
  • Jack Piccirilli (69),
  • Matthew Craparotta (78)
  • Connor McDermott (60),
  • Kyle Cassel (79)

  • Daniel Atkinson (1/3),
  • Todd Sapienza (1/3),
  • Damian Nati (1/2)
  • Jarrod Sammut (2/2)

  • Daniel Atkinson,
  • Jack Piccirilli,
  • Kyle Pickering,
  • Mason Iaria,
  • Damian Nati,
  • Joshua Natoli,
  • Todd Sapienza,
  • Luke Hodge,
  • Joseph Tramontana,
  • Anton Iaria,
  • Alexander Myles,
  • Rinaldo Palumbo,
  • Nicolas Lenaz.
  • Subs: Matthew Bonanno,
  • Dominic Biondi,
  • Matthew Craparotta,
  • Bryce Magnone
  • Connor McDermott,
  • Logan Sipple,
  • Zarrin Galea,
  • Jake Zammit,
  • Lucas Borg,
  • Ryley Smith,
  • Jarrod Sammut,
  • Blake Phillips,
  • Jordan Xuereb,
  • Zachary Vella,
  • Tyler Cassel,
  • Kyle Cassel,
  • Anthony Bucca.
  • Subs: Carlo Cassar,
  • Dylan Hodson,
  • Tyson Jackson,
  • Ryan Azzopardi

Match report

Italy opened the scoring and raced into a 14-0 lead at the break as first Jack Piccirilli dived in on the right hand side, before Anton Iaria barged his way through the centre of the field, the latter converted by Daniel Atkinson.

Damian Nati completed a right to left move for his first try in the left corner, which left the Knights scoreless at the break.

In the second half Atkinson showed superb skill to break through the middle of the field to score shortly before Nati's second try which was a carbon copy of his first effort. 

Piccirilli's second try proved to be the try of the game, a flicked pass from his centre, and collecting his own kick centimetres before it went dead and met with rapturous applause from the crowd. 

Malta's first points came on the hour mark as Connor McDermott fielded a towering kick 15m from his own line and then scythed through the defence to score, going almost full length. 

Piccirilli added his hat-trick as he backed up Atkinson's break in the middle of the park, but the final word went to Malta as Kyle Cassell found his way under the posts for a consolation try, Jarrod Sammut adding his second conversion.