Germany: 30
Poland: 6

  • Alex Nyahoe (2),
  • Eoin Bowie (7),
  • Fabian Wendt (10),
  • Christophe Ngondi (21),
  • Kote Gabedeva (25),
  • Felix Rau (44),
  • Christophe Ngondi (51),
  • Brian Kikawa (57),
  • Kote Gabedeva (68)
  • Gab Romianowsk (16),
  • Gab Romianowsk (63)

  • Brad Billsborough (9/10)
  • Jakub Mitek (1/2)

  • Alex Nyahoe,
  • Brian Kikawa,
  • Felix Rau,
  • Fabian Wendt,
  • Max Huss,
  • Brad Billsborough,
  • Harry Miles,
  • Eoin Bowie,
  • Kote Gabedeva,
  • Max Alderson,
  • Martin Tormann,
  • Christophe Ngondi,
  • Liam Doughton.
  • Subs: Harry Cartwright,
  • Dany Doukeng,
  • Sebastian Paaßen,
  • Jack Baskerville
  • Mateusz Kowalewski,
  • Adam Jasinski,
  • Gab Romianowsk,
  • Stef Archer,
  • Mateusz Wojtas,
  • Łukasz Łucka,
  • Jakub Mitek,
  • Jonathan Tutak,
  • Tomasz Zerbe,
  • Mateusz Dziąg,
  • Wojciech Sieczkowski,
  • Michał Krzypkowski,
  • Eryk Wisniewskii.
  • Subs: Maciej Myszkowski,
  • Simon Adamski,
  • Karol Myszkowski,
  • Mateusz Rutkiewicz

Match report

Germany overcame Poland in the first staging of the Oder Cup, named after the river which forms the border between the two companies approximately one hour's drive to the east of Berlin where this game was played.

Germany were in fine form, racking up first half tries from Alex Nyahoe, Eoin Bowie, Fabian Wendt, Christophe Ngondi and Kote Gabedva, with Bilsborough adding four of five conversions and a penalty goal just before the stroke of half time. 

Gab Romanowski kept Poland in touch with his 16th minute try, converted by Jakub Mitek to make the half time score 30-6.

Felix Rau opened the second half scoring, with Ngondi and Gabdeva adding their braces, sandwiching Brian Kikawa's barging effort, with Bilsborough converting all.

Romanowski snuck into the corner just after the hour mark for a consolation, but Mitek couldnt find his mark and the spoils went the way of Germany.

“It was an honour for us to host the inaugural Oder Cup match against our neighbours Poland.” said Bob Doughton, President of the Germany Rugby League Federation. "The intent of both nations is to play each other every year with the aim of developing Rugby League in both countries. The Polish team represented their country with price, they never gave in and were a threat to the end. Thank you to them for travelling to Berlin!”

“Thanks to Germany for an excellent event" added Poland Co-Head Coach Dean Reacher. "It was a good experience for us as a team. We are happy with some parts and obviously need to improve, but we are rebuilding and that will come. Well done to the Germany players and management team on their performance.”