Greece: 6
Ukraine: 14

  • Stefanos Eskioglou (26),
  • Robert Tuliatu (52)
  • Liubomyr Beznoschuk (12),
  • Volodymyr Karpenko (15),
  • Oleksandr Skorbach (29),
  • Oleksandr Skorbach (63),
  • Maksym Dulia (73)

  • Sam Stratis (2/2)
  • Oleksandr Skorbach (2/5)

  • Sam Stratis,
  • Georgios Arvamdis,
  • Stefanos Eskioglou,
  • Petros Bafaloukas,
  • Alexandros Aliu,
  • Vasilios Vaiopoulos,
  • Jordan Meads,
  • Robert Tuliatu,
  • Liam Sue-Tin Kentrotis,
  • Nectarios Tsakalos,
  • Nick Uluwatu,
  • Nicholas Flocas,
  • Aris Koulizakis.
  • Subs: Bill Tsikrikias,
  • Myles Gal,
  • Stefanos Bastas,
  • Ioannis Nake
  • Anatoli Hronkovsky,
  • Vasyl Kravchuk,
  • Mykhailo Troian,
  • Liubomyr Beznoschuk,
  • Orest Adamyk,
  • Oleksandr Skorbach,
  • Dmytro Semerenko,
  • Valentyn Korchak,
  • Yevhen Checheta,
  • Volodymyr Karpenko,
  • Ihor Yurkin,
  • Yevhenii Trusov,
  • Oleksandr Scherbina.
  • Subs: Ostap Hryshchenko,
  • Oleksandr Syvokoz,
  • Vadym Milanko,
  • Maksym Dulia

Match report

Ukraine won the Unity Cup after they defeated Greece in both men’s senior international matches in Athens over the weekend. In the first encounter at the Gkorytsa Stadium, Aspropygos on Saturday they triumphed 38-24, and backed it up at the Goudi Municipality Stadium winning 24-12 on Sunday to claim the trophy 62-36 on aggregate.

Ukraine RL president, Artur Martyrosian, noted: “It was two very hard games. Without domestic 13-a-side competition at the moment, what the boys have done is unbelievable - but that is the Ukrainian character of being warriors. That character showed last year when our U19s beat Italy, Serbia and Ireland, and now this. Our general aim is to play in a World Cup.”

The second encounter was fiercely fought with Oleksandr Shcherbyna sinbinned. Ukraine took an early lead with tries from Liubomyr Beznoshchuk and Volodymyr Karpenko, Greece replying through centre Stefanos Eskioglou.

Ukraine got the ball back from the kick-off and within the same set went over again when skipper Skorbach stepped through the defence to score. He converted his own try to give the visitors a 14-6 lead at half-time.  

Greece had the better of possession in the second half and reduced the deficit to two points after a converted try from Robert Tuliatu but despite being down a player, Ukraine went further ahead when Skorbach went over from close range and they made sure of the win when Maksym Dulia crossed wide out.