Kenya: 4
France: 56

  • Saidi Abdalla,
  • Wycliff Ratemo (7)
  • Quentin Crunel (2),
  • Nittim Pedrero (13),
  • Corentin Le Cam (16),
  • Clement Herrero (20),
  • Guilerno Aispuro Bichett (21),
  • Alan Baby (24),
  • Nittim Pedrero (28),
  • Alan Baby (30),
  • Quentin Crunel (32),
  • Corentin Le Cam (40),
  • Corentin Le Cam (44),
  • Alan Baby (52),
  • Quentin Crunel (56),
  • Paolo Dall Asta (60),
  • Clement Herrero (64),
  • Yacine Ben Abdesesian (66),
  • Alan Baby (70),
  • Paolo Dall Asta (75),
  • Baptiste Fabre (80)

  • Baptiste Fabre (4/4),
  • Clement Herrero (12/15)

  • Anderson Odur,
  • Ramadhan Masete,
  • Wycliff Ratemo,
  • Frank Awuor,,
  • Michael Karani,
  • James Odhiambo,
  • Saidi Abdalla,
  • Sollo Mbugua,
  • Victor Ndungu,
  • Malcom Busuru,
  • Kelly Omari,
  • Evans Omondi,
  • Raymond Ekutu.
  • Subs: Edwin Watulo,
  • Joseph Otieno,
  • Paul Seda,
  • Joseph Nun
  • Quentin Crunel,
  • Nittim Pedrero,
  • Maxime Grosson,
  • Alan Baby,
  • Matthew Pons,
  • Baptiste Fabre,
  • Clement Herrero,
  • Bastien Scimone,
  • Yacine Ben Abdesesian,
  • Clement Boyer,
  • Corentin Le Cam,
  • Hnagan Hnaloan,
  • Guilerno Aispuro Bichett.
  • Subs: Mathias Marty,
  • Paolo Dall Asta,
  • Wail Skoundri,
  • Nolan Lopez-Buttignol

Match report

France proved too strong for Kenya in the second senior men’s international between the nations held at the ASK Showground in Nairobi. The tourists ran in 19 tries in a 108-4 victory, Pia centre Alan Baby crossing four times and fullback Quentin Crunel with his second successive hat trick.

Scrum half Clément Herrero finished with 30 points from two tries and 12 goals. France captain, Clément Boyer, said: “We started poorly but when we got back to our fundamentals, we played very well.”

France lead coach, Maxime Grésèque, added: “We watched the video of the first game and improved today. Congratulations to the Kenyans, we showed them maximum respect and played a hundred per cent.”

Kenya matched their more experienced opponents in the opening stages, Wycliffe Ratemo crossing to make it 4-4 from a fine chip over the French line but they were then overwhelmed by the waves of French attack.

“We started off well initially,” noted Kenya men’s head coach, Edward Rombo. “But we lost our momentum and then our confidence went down and the French started running the game. Our defence failed to keep up, we were competitive for some of the time but we couldn’t maintain it.”

Kenya skipper, Raymond Ekutu, noted: “It was a really hard match for us but a great experience for all the boys. It was difficult but we intend to step up and put more initiative into the game. Thank you to France for coming over, we would like more matches against opponents like this. From the tenth minute, we didn’t really have the ball in the first half and when we did have it in the second half, they defended really well.”