Uganda: 8
Kenya: 8

  • Ninissma Immaculate (9),
  • Aisha Nakityo (22),
  • Isabella Ira (38)
  • Milkah Chitechi (15),
  • Mercy Khatenje (45),
  • Angel Salamba (73)

  • Yvonne Najjuma (2/5)
  • Milkah Chitechi (3/7)

  • Isabella Ira,
  • Doreen Kyomuhendo,
  • Nema Sarah Alanyo,
  • Kirabo Cabrine,
  • Yvonne Najjuma,
  • Aisha Nakityo,
  • Peace Mungufimaniibo,
  • Ninissma Immaculate,
  • Lucky Melan Nirere,
  • Suzan Ageno-rwot,
  • Nantongo Phiona,
  • Tegutumwa Zurah,
  • Judith Ntakirutimana.
  • Subs: Sarah Namutebi,
  • Doreen Kyomuhendo,
  • Bonet Irankunda,
  • Rachel Chizanye
  • Milkah Chitechi,
  • Maxine Abuja,
  • Vivian Anyango,
  • Lovinah Mijere,
  • Lawnisky Munayi,
  • Cynthia Chepkemoi,
  • Margaret Wanjiru,
  • Sharon Bosibori,
  • Susan Wangechi,
  • Esther Ongiri,
  • Dorothy Mulela,
  • Sophye Nabwire,
  • Mercy Khatenje.
  • Subs: Tracy Khan Osicho,
  • Christine Oketch,
  • Dorris Kimani,
  • Angel Salamba

Match report

Kenya’s women won the first of two senior internationals to be played this week against Uganda, 18-16, at the Elite Stadium Kampala, thanks to AP Warrior Angel Salamba’s late try. Uganda led 16-8 at the break but failed to score in the second period as the visitors held on.

Antonio Lombardo, Kenya women’s head coach, commented: “The game was excellent and a real contest. Playing away from Kenya is good for us and a great experience for the girls, we have learned a lot about ourselves and are ready for the final match for which we will work hard and look to get our template to work again.”

RLU director of rugby and women’s head coach, Fortunate Irankunda, said: “The game was much better than last year’s meeting between the sides and every time we get something right I get excited, and this was real progress. Despite losing narrowly in the last five minutes, I was still impressed with my girls, they put their hearts into it. I really want to win in the next match, and we are learning all the time. Rugby league is really happening here in Uganda.”

The nations met in the first game of the three-match series last December with Kenya winning 54-0 in Nairobi, and they will play again on Saturday 18 May in Kampala (kick off 2pm local time).