Uganda: 0
Kenya: 0

  • Isabella Ira (39),
  • Isabella Ira (42),
  • Nantongo Phiona (67)
  • Milkah Chitechi (19),
  • Tracy Khan Osicho (60)

  • Nema Sarah Alanyo (0/3)
  • Milkah Chitechi (2/3)

Drop goals
  • Nema Sarah Alanyo
  • Lawnisky Munayi,
  • Cynthia Chepkemoi

  • Isabella Ira,
  • Doreen Kyabuya,
  • Nema Sarah Alanyo,
  • Tegutumwa Zurah,
  • Doreen Kyomuhendo,
  • Cabrine Kirabo,
  • Joan Uwamahoro,
  • Ninissma Immaculate,
  • Lucky Melan Nirere,
  • Susan Agenorwot,
  • Nantongo Phiona,
  • Judith Ntakirutimana,
  • Bonet Irankunda.
  • Subs: Sarah Namutebi,
  • Rachel Chizanye,
  • Fortunate Irankunda,
  • Salama Uwamahoro
  • Lawnisky Munayi,
  • Maxine Abuga,
  • Susan Wangechi,
  • Lovinah Mijere,
  • Mary Ngendo,
  • Cynthia Chepkemoi,
  • Margaret Wanjiru,
  • Sharon Bosibori,
  • Milkah Chitechi,
  • Dorris Kimani,
  • Dorothy Mulela,
  • Sophye Nabwire,
  • Angel Salamba.
  • Subs: Vivian Anyango,
  • Christine Oketch,
  • Esther Ongiri,
  • Tracy Khan Osicho

Match report

A drop goal by centre Nema Alanyo proved to be the difference between the sides as Uganda won their first senior international in the sport, their women beating Kenya 13-12 at the Elite Stadium Kampala, in the third meeting of the nations.

Alanyo’s 26th minute one-pointer to get her side on the scoreboard when they trilled 8-0 proved to be inspired, Nantongo Phiona’s try 13 minutes from time sealing the historic victory. Uganda skipper, hooker Lucky Melan Nirere, was delighted with their win, overturning a 54-0 defeat in Nairobi last December and an 18-16 loss in Kampala three days before.

“We really put in our best and I believe we deserved it,” she said. “We’ve really learned a lot and, with time, we are going to be better players and I really thank the Kenyan ladies for coming here to enable us to play and everyone behind the scenes who have worked so hard to enable us to claim this win.”

Milkah Chitechi kicked a penalty and converted her own try to give Kenya their eight-point early lead, fullback Isabella Ira replying for the hosts just before half time and giving them a narrow 9-8 lead at the start of the second half with her second try.

Tracy Khan Osicho edged the Kenyans back in front on the hour, but second-rower Phiona’s try won the spoils, Lawnisky Munayi and Cynthia Chepkemoi missing drop goal attempts for the visitors.

RLU director of rugby and women’s head coach Fortunate Irankunda, who also came off the bench, noted: “Our first win is history in Uganda. The girls never gave up and it was a victory on merit. I can’t explain how good that feels, we can see progress going forward. I call everyone who enjoys seeing the game to come and join us. We have made it and we have won, we are so happy.”

Kenya women’s head coach, Antonio Lombardo, commented: “The game was tough, we just didn’t execute enough but step by step we are learning about ourselves and this has been such an important challenge away from home. We have gained a lot for our World Cup matches with Nigeria in September.”