Wales: 0
England: 8

    Clarke (17), Kerr (45), Mellor (55), Wiper (59)

    Clarke 4/5

Match report

England under-15s won the Good Friday Challenge for a second year in a row after their 24-0 defeat of Wales at the Brewery Field. Scott Clarke gave England a 2-0 lead on ten minutes after Oliver Morris was penalised following a high tackle.

Wales were close to taking the lead just minutes later. Jamie Murphy made a clever run down the wing setting up Scott Milton who was tackled into touch by his opposite number Tom Stancliffe. Clarke increased England's lead with a try on 17 minutes after being set up by Jack Reid converting his own try.

England had a try disallowed for a forward pass a few minutes later, Scott Leatherbarrow the unlucky lad who had his score cancelled. Matt Massey also had a chance to increase England's lead but just failed to hold on to the ball following Matt Wildie's kick. Wildie had a similar chance himself just before half-time with the same result.

Following a lengthy spell of Welsh pressure, Niall Kerr did extend England's lead, breaking through the defence to ground under the sticks. Clarke converted. Joe Mellor added another for England with 15 minutes remaining and Max Wiper scored in the corner four minutes later.

England kept up the pressure and had a third disallowed try, Dave Morris' effort being cancelled out following a forward pass. Wales had their chances. Their best of the half came on 63 minutes when Nathan Watkins made an excellent run down the left wing but was tackled into touch by John Davies while Oliver Morris also came close to grounding.

Sam Kettle, Nathan Watkins, Oliver Morris, Jamie Murphy, Scott Milton, Iain Smerdon, Steven Williams, Leam Williams, Jordan Jones, Josh Davidson, Gil Dudson, Mathew Norman, Gary Williams. Subs: Neil Wallace, Grant Davis, Cordell Wilson, Ashley Rowley, Craig Attwell

Will Colledon, Scott Clarke, Gareth Melling, Max Wiper, Tom Stancliffe, Matt Wildie, Scott Leatherbarrow, Niall Kerr, Nathan Rowley, Joe Molyneux, Shane Tasker-Howard, John Davies, Jack Reid. Subs: Daniel Rayson, Dave Morris, Matt Massey, Joe Mellor, Josh Barlow