Wales: 14
France: 18

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    No scorers recorded

Match report

France under 16s proved to be too strong despite a gutsy and determined performance from Wales. Around 300 people turned out at Pontyclun on a warm spring afternoon to watch the last of the Easter international fixtures.

Things didn't start well for Wales losing the ball on the fourth tackle after receiving the kick-off. France accepted the gift and broke away to score the first try under the sticks. Things worsened for Wales as France scored back to back tries making the score 0-18 within the first six minutes.

Wales could have been forgiven if they'd given up there and then with a feeling of deja vu. They faced the same situation on Good Friday against England but this time they responded by fighting their way back into the game. Wales dominated the last fifteen minutes of the half scoring three tries leaving a half time score of 14-18.

The second half was a much more even affair with France taking the advantage and scoring twice from a series of Welsh penalties. This took the score to 14-30 heading into the last quarter.

Wales, once again, upped the tempo touching down again but time ran out with France holding on for the 20-34 win.

Kriss Wilkes, Nathan Davies, Philip Smith, Nathan Hawkins, Kyle Blakemore, Tom Beaumont, Rhys Pritchard, Dale Blakemore, Ian Marshall, Ashley Rowley, Ethan Woodfine, Corey Gardner, Christian Varden, Thomas Rees, Josh Carter, Adam Clayton, Jake Brown, Hywel Lloyd

Geoffrey Amat, Thomas Ambert, William Barthau, Clement Bienes, Yacine Boutouba, Thomas Carthala, Dorian Divet, J. Babtiste Declaux, Morgan Escare, Damien Gauthier, Tony Gigot, Jeremy Grau, Jimmy Graziani, David Guasch, Jonathon Jorda, Christopher Laffont, Cyril Molliner, Quentin Morlaas, Quentin Nauroy, Eloi Pelissier, Jordan Rieux, Geffrey Zava