Italy: 0
England: 18

    Myers (5), Lynch (28), Smallwood (36), Schofield (43), Prior (54), Johnston (68), Turnbull (76)

    Gotts 4/5, Unsworth 1/2

Match report


England Lionhearts clinched victory number two of the two match series, but only after having to fight and scrap against a determined Italian side who, despite again failing to score, never gave up.

After taking an early lead from a Myers try, the Lionhearts struggled to find a further score due to some brave and dogged defense from the Italian side. Then the deadline was broken again after 28 minutes, with a powerful and effective run under the posts by Danny Lynch, who went over to score after a great pass from Will Prior.

Dom Smallwood was able to make space to score, but the expected deluge of tries did not come and Italy were able to hold out to Halftime for an 18-0 lead for England.

Another quick start saw another try for Schofield just three minutes into the Second Half, but Italy showed that they had learned from the first match with some dominant defence and a bit of flair in attack, with Borsello and Perissinotto making great runs into the heart of the English defence.

Eventually, though, England’s greater experience showed and they were able to find three more tries from Prior, Johnston and Turnbull to give the score line a more flattering look as they won 38-0

Ernesto Paluello, Jaume Giorgis, Luca Pitturro, Patrick Ziliotti, Bara Soulimane, Michele Morad, Simone Paolin, Alessandra Borsello, Fausto Perissinotto, Brad Lalcagno, Riccardo Amerio, Ismail Bayoui, Catalin Diac, Alessandro Santarelli, Alessandro Caprotti, Luca Bondeuli, Lucas Faletti, Marco Radetic

Owen Myers, Ryan Hill, Jonathan Cameron, Joe Schofield, Matty Gordon, Jack Unsworth, Harvey Gotts, Luca Constante, Dom Smallwood, Ben Atkinson, Jack Tait, Cameron Turnbull, Ryan Johnston, Will Prior, Josh Pratt, Jack Dulhanty, Jack Sharratt, Danny Lynch