Czech Republic: 0
Italy: 0

Czech Republic:
    Rubck 2, David, M. Kuchera
    Ferrazzano 4, Ricci, Lerna, Dubas-Fisher

Czech Republic:
    M. Kuchera 1/4
    Veronese 5/7

Match report

Italy secured the Rugby League European Federation Shield with an impressive 38-18 win against the Czech Republic in Prague. Led by outstanding second rower Marco Ferrazzano, who crossed for a genuine 13 minute hat trick, they built a 22-0 lead inside the opening 25 minutes, prop Angelo Ricci having opened the scoring.

The Czech’s hit back before half time, Safraner David and Michal Kuchera - with a try and goal - making it 22-10 at the break.

Bradle Premysl and Matthew Sands were sin binned at the start of the second half, full back Eduardo Lerna increasing the visitor’s lead on the hour. Rubck Tomas narrowed the gap soon after with the first of his two tries but Jason Dubas-Fisher sealed Italy’s success and Ferrazano crossed for a fourth, Filippo Varonese adding his fifth conversion.

In the opening match of the Shield last month, Italy defeated Germany 58-26 in Padua.

David Dolak, Tomas Ciporanov, David Safranek, Jarda Stribny, Standa Kvapil, Michal Kucera, Milan Jirman, Jan Sluka (c), Michal Priputen, Premysl Bradle, Tomas Kurka, Andy Mulhall, Marcel Mana. Subs: Honza Buben, Tomas Heller, Martin Paukner, Tomas Ripczik

Eduardo Lerna, Riccardo Faccia, Jason Dubas Fisher, Daniele Moro, Matthew Sands, Filippo Veronese, Jonathan Marcinzack, Nicola Bressanin, Francesco Michielin, Angelo Ricci, Tiziano Franchini, Marco Ferrazzano, Andrea Zacchia.Subs: Mirko Pellegrini, Davide Padovan, Enrico Pescante, Andrea Medori