Czech Republic: 8
Norway: 24

Czech Republic:
  • Richard Gach (1),
  • Ales Pour (18),
  • Jan Heininger (50),
  • Ales Pour (59),
  • Jaroslav Bzoch (69),
  • Pavel Pavlik (79)
  • Ole Magnus Brekk (5),
  • Ole Magnus Brekk (14),
  • Leif Andreas Nilsen (24),
  • Isaac R. Schmidt (33),
  • Leif Andreas Nilsen (39),
  • Ole Magnus Brekk (57)

Czech Republic:
  • Jakub Hudrlik (0/2),
  • Adam Vojtech (0/2),
  • Ladislav Cintler (1/2)
  • Nathan Cummins (3/6)

Czech Republic:
  • Adam Vojtech,
  • Vladimir Plesac,
  • Jaroslav Bzoch,
  • Martin Kostal,
  • Ladislav Cintler,
  • Jakub Hudrlik,
  • Bruno Jasiczek,
  • Von Castello,
  • Ales Pour,
  • Ondrej Preninger,
  • Pavel Pavlik,
  • Richard Gach,
  • Jan Heininger.
  • Subs: Tomas Adamec,
  • Pavel Mejstrik,
  • David Lahr,
  • Oldrich Chrbolka
  • Reidar Flage,
  • Leif Andreas Nilsen,
  • Kevin Batnes,
  • Kristian Nordin-Skipnes,
  • Ole Magnus Brekk,
  • Torbjorn Thorsen Egaas,
  • Nathan Cummins,
  • Sjur Havard Strand,
  • Kristoffer Milligan,
  • Mathias Vada Stenseth-Holm,
  • Joshua Skidmore-Hornby,
  • Isaac R. Schmidt,
  • Lucas Zuniga.
  • Subs: Stephen Skofteland,
  • Christoffer Stalsberg,
  • Ravin Arvidsonn

Match report

A hat trick from winger Ole Magnus Brekk proved to be the difference as Norway held on, despite a late Czech fight back, to win 30-26 in Krupka;  the nations sharing 12 tries.

 The hosts took an early lead when second rower Richard Gach crashed over for an unconverted score, Brekk responding with two tries in nine minutes, both out wide and unconverted. Czech best, hooker Ales Pour, levelled in the 20th minute, Jakub Hudrlik wayward with his conversion, but the visitors dominated the second quarter to establish a 24-8 lead at the break.

 The Vikingene posted three tries in that period, two to right winger Leif Andreas Nilsen, loose-forward Isaac Schmidt with the other; skipper Nathan Cummins adding the extras to two of them.

 Home captain Jan Heininger narrowed the gap in the 50th minute, Trondhjem’s Brekk completing his treble soon after, Stavanger Storm’s Cummins with his third goal.

 Vrchlabi Mad Squirrels’ rake Pour grabbed his second just before the hour and late scores from Jaroslav Bzoch and Pavel Pavlik nearly saw the hosts overcome the deficit, but their sole goal from Ladislav Cintler - their third kicker - was not quite enough.