Italy: 20
Serbia: 8

  • Antony Virzi (5),
  • Werther Bartolini (12),
  • Gianluca Privitera (24),
  • Stefano Delmasso (37),
  • Werther Bartolini (47),
  • Alfio Laudani (57),
  • Stefano Delmasso (71)
  • Stevan Ivankovic (6),
  • Uros Golubovic (17),
  • Vladimir Milutinovic (62),
  • Stevan Ivankovic (70)

  • Francesco Mendosa (4/7)
  • Vladimir Milutinovic (2/4)

  • Giovanni Sciacca,
  • Gianluca Privitera,
  • Antony Virzi,
  • Stefano Delmasso,
  • Alfio Laudani,
  • Giordano Arena,
  • Francesco Mendosa,
  • Giovanni Rizzo,
  • Cacopardo Antonio,
  • Leonardo Artale,
  • Davide Signorelli,
  • Werther Bartolini,
  • Stefano Cenci.
  • Subs: Salvatore Lipera,
  • Simone Leotta,
  • Nicholas Ferrero,
  • Mario Di Sano
  • Vuk Tomic,
  • Ivan Andric,
  • Veljko Stankovic,
  • Aleksandar Stefulj,
  • Uros Golubovic,
  • Ilija Krstic,
  • Marko Jakovljevic,
  • Mihajlo Stoiljkovic,
  • Stevan Ivankovic,
  • Marko Jankovic,
  • Marko Makera,
  • Dorotej-Dado Arnold,
  • Vladimir Milutinovic.
  • Subs: Marko Satev,
  • Marko Simovic,
  • Stefan Milinkovic,
  • Luka Raskovic

Match report

Italy U19 handily defeated Serbia 36-20 in the friendly game played at Fogliano by Redipuglia on Sunday.

“How could I not be satisfied with this result,” commented Salvatore Pezzano, coach of Italy U19, “the boys played with great determination and desire to outclass the opponents and in the field and I saw very interesting things. We started our camp very well that will take us to challenge next Saturday, May 19, against Ukraine U19 in the play-off for the European Championship. Now we have to recover and work hard because we really want to contest the European competition.”

Serbia was on top in the early parts of the match but the Italian efficiency began to take effect in the second half.

“We were good at reacting after a difficult start,” continued coach Pezzano, “this team is mature and wants to play XIII. Now we have to free our mind from this race and think only of working for Ukraine. I am confident, but I do not want to lose my balance; I think so highly of this group, but now I just want to work and prepare the playoff against the Ukrainians. "