Sweden: 4
Netherlands: 16

  • Jonas Lyppert (21)
  • Joran Schoenmaker (19),
  • David Bos (24),
  • David Bos (61),
  • Bonne Wilce (66)

  • Christoffer Andreasson (0/1)
  • Lucas Gout (4/4)

  • Christoffer Andreasson,
  • Robert Maun,
  • Muller Qalibu,
  • Christopher Vannerberg,
  • Jonas Lyppert,
  • Fabian Wikander,
  • Andrew Bignell,
  • Mark Beveridge,
  • Ruadhri O’Brian,
  • Peter Wiklund,
  • Fakaosifolau Maake,
  • Buster Derk,
  • Theo Karlsson.
  • Subs: Plamen Lazarov,
  • Johnny Engström,
  • Sebastian Johnson-Cadwell,
  • Mathew Mitchell
  • Ben Dommerhuisjen,
  • Ruben Stuifzand,
  • Joran Schoenmaker,
  • David Bos,
  • Gydo Van Den Heuvel,
  • Bonne Wilce,
  • Lucas Gout,
  • Shadan Lavia,
  • Paul Dirkzwager,
  • Emerson de Werk,
  • Daniel de Ruiter,
  • Daan van Rossum,
  • Adam Braksator.
  • Subs: Arie-Tjerk Razoux Schultz,
  • Rick Huther,
  • David Schram,
  • Hannes Bavius

Match report

For the first time in their history, the Netherlands rugby league side have won four consecutive Test matches, after their 24-4 triumph in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Amsterdam Cobras centre David Bos lead the way with two of their four tries, as the visitors built a handy 16-4 lead at the break.

A Lucas Gout penalty put them ahead early after dominating the initial play, Joran Schoenmaker with the opening try on the 20 minute mark, goaled by Gout.

Sweden winger Jonas Lyppert got the hosts on the board but Bos with his first and a Gout conversion and penalty put the Orange in command.

In driving rain, Den Haag Knights stand off Bonne Wilce and Bos with his second touchdown completed the scoring.

“I am extremely proud of my players, they had to show great togetherness,” said Netherlands head coach Kane Krlic, who played three debutants; Gydo Van Den Heuvel, David Schran and teenage back rower Rick Huther. “The patience we showed with the ball proved important as we continued to starve the Swedish of any good field position and we took advantage of that in the latter stages of the first half.”

Krlic added: “One of the most pleasing aspects was, late in the second half, the Swedes had four sets on our line and we showed great pride in defending it. All the players paid for their flights even before the squad was announced knowing there was a chance they wouldn't be selected in the 17, but everybody has bought into the team first ethos.”

Sweden head coach Sam Cammel noted: “It was good to get our first hit out for a while. It was a tough match played in difficult weather conditions, we made a lot of unforced errors and did not take the best of our chances.”