11 Sep 2023

Following the completion of their domestic season, Poland’s national side will take on Czech Republic on Saturday 16 September at Wembley Stadium in Majkowski Wembley, Kalisz (6pm kick off local time).

All the players on both sides will be from their respective domestic leagues, Sroki Łódź defending their title beating Polundie/Husaria 30-24 in the Polish Grand Final played played in Szczerców (central Poland), the runners up based in Kalisz. 

“It’s been a great year for Poland Rugby League so far,” said Łukasz Łucka, president of Polska Rugby XIII. “Over 100 players competed in MPRL, and participation is growing at every level in the country.

“The game against the Czechs is very important for us, for many players it’s going to be their first match at international level. It’s a great opportunity for them to test their skill against a strong opposition. We are happy to play the game in Kalisz. It’s an important place on the map of Poland Rugby League with the local team being very successful in the last two campaigns. The venue is perfect for our needs, it’s a modern little stadium.”

It will be the first of four more games for the Poles this autumn with fixtures against Irish Clubs on 30 September, Combined Nato Forces on 7 October both at home, and then Germany in Berlin on 4 November. 

The Czech’s have recently played Serbia, CZRLA president Lukáš Hergott noting: “We are looking forward to playing against Poland. Some Czech clubs have played Polish clubs and the games have been in great spirit and of a great standard. 

“Both squads are very focussed on domestically produced players, and it will be good test of our development as well as an opportunity for debutants. The Czech Rugby League Association is keen to play a leading role in central Europe, encouraging games with our neighbours in the same way the Serbs are doing in the Balkans.”.