30 Jan 2024

Four nations will take part in the Americas Women’s World Cup 2026 Qualifiers. Brazil, who made their debut at the last tournament, Canada, Jamaica and USA will meet at the University of North Florida North Rugby Fields between 6-9 November 2024.

The semi finals will see Canada, who also played in the 2021 tournament, face Jamaica, while the Amazonas will take on the hosts. The losers will play in a world ranking match as a curtain raiser to the final, with the winner progressing to 2025 World Series to determine ultimate qualification.  

Brazil chair, Hugo Froes, commented: “After great difficulties in losing a guaranteed place, Brazil still maintains its resilience and willpower. It will be a monumental financial, logistical and strategic challenge, in addition to on the field itself, but we will do our best to represent the nation’s rugby league communities at the Americas Cup.”

His opposite number in Canada, John Cameron, noted: “Women's sport is rightly seeing a surge in popularity in North America right now - between hockey, soccer and basketball a number of leagues have launched and are having record attendance and viewership. It is important that rugby league seizes this opportunity, and our Ravens are ready for the spotlight. Coming off the back of two World Cup appearances, we are excited to work on qualifying for the next.”

“Jamaica is looking forward to the qualifiers, it’s another historic moment for the game in our region and we are happy to once more play a part,” said JRLA director of rugby, Romeo Monteith. “Growing the women’s game is a major strategic objective and the qualifiers will play a major role in this.”

His equivalent at USARL, Drew Slover, confirmed: “We're all proud of our women players and coaching staff for giving the USA the opportunity to compete on the world stage. The girls are tough and competitive, and our determination is fuelled to showcase the depth of American rugby league talent.”