26 Jun 2013

Head coach Matt South has announced a 38-man initial squad just over a week ahead from Norway’s rugby league European Bowl match in Ukraine, as their championship heads into a summer break.

"This year’s national squad will most likely consist of several new players, which is very positive and will definitely help us develop as a sport in Norway,” he said. “We are very much looking forward to playing in the European Bowl, it will be a great learning experience.”

Reigning champions Oslo Capitals provide 10 players, having so far dominated the seven-club local competition once again. The likes of Peter Engeland, Cameron Leslie, Anders Linnestå, Erlend Meldalen and Fredrik Skovly have provided the backbone of the Norwegian side since 2010.

“All the players, both current and new, are very excited to represent Norway, especially since rugby league is becoming increasingly popular in our country and in Europe,” continued South. “Both Ukraine and the Czech Republic are very good teams with more experience than us, which we can learn from.“

New club Kristiansand Krusaders from the west of the country is represented by five players after a promising first season, while Flekkefjord supply seven, including experienced campaigner Kristoffer Milligan.

Joachim Johnsen, Magnus Sundsfjord, Helge Westermann (Bodø Barbarians), Stewart Elliot, Gilbert Haydamous, Kenneth Krosslid, Kristoffer Milligan. Ezra McIntyre, Lloyd Omdal, Roger Stenlund (Flekkefjord Tigers), Sonny Mellor (Flisbyen Broncos), Henrik Edvardsen, Kristian Elgheim, Peder Hansen, Jørgen Schmidt (Fredrikstad Falcons), Omar Baghdadi, Joshua Bates, Sean Casey, Tim Hackney, Stig Reiersen (Kristiansand Krusaders), Peter Engeland, Tommy Hilton, Josh Hornby, Cameron Leslie, Anders Linnestå, Erlend Meldalen, Trent Rowan, Isaac Schmidt, Fredrik Skovly, Martin Skovly (Oslo Capitals), Kevin Båtnes, Andreas Bjugn, Matthew Davidson, Glenn Erling Gundersen, Kristoffer Håkonsen, Louie Procopio (Porsgrunn Pirates), Vetle Sandring (Tromsø Polar Bears)