Jamaica: 2
Ireland: 18

  • Louis Senior (13),
  • George King (16),
  • Brendan O'Hagan (19),
  • Ed Chamberlain (37),
  • Innes Senior (52),
  • Toby King (57),
  • Louis Senior (64),
  • James McDonnell (72),
  • James Bentley (77),
  • Frankie Halton (80)

  • Kieran Rush (1/1)
  • Ed Chamberlain (1/4),
  • Joe Keyes (3/6)

  • Ben Jones Bishop,
  • Mo Agoro,
  • Greg Johnson,
  • Jacob Ogden,
  • Alex Young,
  • James Woodburn-Hall,
  • Kieran Rush,
  • Jordan Andrade,
  • Ashton Golding,
  • Michael Lawrence,
  • AJ Wallace,
  • Chevaughn Bailey,
  • Joe Brown.
  • Subs: Aaron Jones Bishop,
  • Bradley Ho,
  • Keenen Tomlinson,
  • Ross Peltier
  • Richie Myler,
  • Louis Senior,
  • Ed Chamberlain,
  • Toby King,
  • Innes Senior,
  • Luke Keary,
  • Joe Keyes,
  • Liam Byrne,
  • Brendan O'Hagan,
  • Jaimin Jolliffe,
  • James Bentley,
  • Frankie Halton,
  • George King.
  • Subs: Harry Rushton,
  • James McDonnell,
  • Joshua Cook,
  • James Hasson

Match report

Ireland made their Rugby League World Cup opener a family affair as two sets of brothers crossed the line during a 48-2 victory over Jamaica at Headingley Stadium. 

Twins Louis and Innes Senior were joined on the scoreboard by brothers George and Toby King as Jamaica made their maiden Rugby League World Cup appearance, boasting their own set of brothers in Ben and Aaron Jones-Bishop. 

Brendan O’Hagan, James McDonnell, Ed Chamberlain, James Bentley and Frankie Halton also got over for Ireland as Kieran Rush claimed the Reggae Warriors' first World Cup points. 

Ireland started energetically as both Senior brothers had chances on either side of the pitch. But it was the Reggae Warriors who almost had the first points of the game. 

They believed they had scored their first-ever World Cup try after Rush tapped the ball through the Ireland defence and Jacob Ogden attempted to ground it but was ultimately denied. 

Instead, it was Louis Senior who got the first score of the game for Ireland in the 13th minute, set up by good work from experienced duo Luke Keary and Richie Myler. 

Ireland hit their stride as skipper George King forced his way over the line for the second and the Wolfhounds began to weave some creativity into the game. 

Keary and Myler continued to dictate play as the stand-off found a gap in the Jamaican line and created an opportunity for Myler who could not quite finish it. 

But O'Hagan found a way through minutes later and extended Ireland's lead to 14-0. 

George King broke a tackle in the midfield to put his team into try scoring range once more but an incredible last-ditch tackle from Ben Jones-Bishop denied the Wolfhounds a fourth as the fullback dumped Innes Senior into touch.

Ireland kept composed as Keary wandered across the field, dodging would-be tacklers and offloading to Bentley who put Chamberlain away. 

The last act of the half saw the crowd erupt into applause as Rush made it two for Jamaica with a penalty kick just inside the 40-yard mark, their first-ever World Cup points. 

The Wolfhounds came back after the break in similar style, moving all the way up the pitch in their first set of six. 

And it was not long before they added more points to their total as McDonnell punched through and handed off to Keary to set up Innes Senior for a walk-in try in the corner. 

Kept close to their own posts all game, Jamaica were once again left standing as Toby King popped the ball down in a moment of playful improvisation by Ireland for a converted try in the 57th minute. 

Louis Senior grabbed  his second try of the game as Joe Keyes led a well-executed play from the midfield to the right. 

The Wolfhounds finished just as strongly as they started, with further tries from McDonnell and Bentley and Halton as the clock ticked down.