North Macedonia: 12
Malta: 12

North Macedonia:
  • James Mirceski (3),
  • Tui Georgievski (22),
  • Xanda Georgievski (59)
  • Justin Rodrigues (15),
  • Zarrin Galea (38),
  • Eli Foote (42),
  • Zac Rodrigues (55)

North Macedonia:
  • James Suleski (3/3)
  • Zarrin Galea (3/4)

North Macedonia:
  • Elia Georgievski,
  • Jimmy Kostevski,
  • Aledin Hrvat,
  • Tui Georgievski,
  • Jayden Gouganovski,
  • Justin Miletic,
  • James Suleski,
  • James Mirceski,
  • Jake Mitrevski,
  • Josh Boicheski,
  • Dean Kulevski,
  • Xanda Georgievski,
  • Josh Kosteski.
  • Subs: Jamie Miletic,
  • Josh Moncaster,
  • Bradley Moncaster,
  • Michael Boskovski
  • Zarrin Galea,
  • Eli Foote,
  • Zac Rodrigues,
  • Logan Sipple,
  • Marcus Muscat,
  • Riley Tonna,
  • Justin Rodrigues,
  • Zac Vella,
  • Ryan Azzopardi,
  • Anthony Bucca,
  • Braydon Sherry,
  • Kade Fabri,
  • Carlo.
  • Subs: Lachlan Mifsud,
  • John Azzopardi,
  • Luke Sherry,
  • Tyson Jackson

Match report

Malta defeated North Macedonia 22-18 in a men’s senior international for world ranking points at Forshaw Park, Sylvania Waters, near Sydney.

The sides were level 12-all at the break in a hard-fought contest, Malta winger Eli Foote and centre Zackary Rodrigues - on a potent right-hand side - with tries at the start of the second half that proved to be the difference, the final quarter scoreless.

Malta men’s head coach, Aaron McDonald, noted: “I’ve coached this team for 17 international matches and I’ve never seen us work that hard for a result. The attitude was fantastic and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Prop James Mirceski gave North Macedonia an early lead and they were competitive throughout. Brothers on both sides crossed for tries, the Georgievskis for North Macedonia and Rodrigues’ with two of Malta’s touchdowns.

“It was another great game, unfortunately our mistakes cost us dearly, but we are improving with every outing,” said North Macedonia head coach Aaron Zammit.