Serbia: 0
Germany: 0

    Pavlovic (9), Karadzic (14,55), Tomic (24), Micic (28,36,49), Zdravkovic (67)

    Markovic 2/4, Radulovic 0/4
    Selinger 1/2

Match report


Serbia U18s national team opened Youth festival with comfortable 36-2 win over Germany. Although Serbs had started strong, especially defensively, it was obvious that they had to beat their nervs to benefit in attacking actions. Some hosts’ handling errors moved the game on their territory, but cheered by enthusiastic crowd, Junior Eagles prevented Germany to lead.

After an entertaining 10 minutes, Serbia took control over the game and never let it out until the final whistle. Aleksandar Pavlović scored the first try of the festival, and Luka Karadžić doubled the advantage four minutes later. In the 22nd minute Germany scored penalty goal after fine kick from Oliver Seelinger, but couldn’t intercept further tries from their opponents. Miodrag Tomić and Lazar Mićić crossed before halftime, with skipper Slavko Marković adding a goal after Uroš Radulović had missed on three occassions from difficult positions.

The picture was similar in the second half. Germany’s attacks kept structure, with good set completion rate but had no answer for the strong defence. The second half also saw four tries from Serbia, with Lazar Mićić completing his hat trick, Luka Karadžić scoring his second and Aleksandar Zdravković marking the final score. Slavko Marković added another two-pointer.

Andrej Mora, Luka Karadžić, Nikola Đurić, Miodrag Tomić, Aleksandar Stojanović, Slavko, Marković, Aleksandar Pavlović, Vuk Knežević, Nikola Vlahović, Miloš Kostadinović, Uroš Radulović, Marko Miločić, Lazar Mićić. Subs: Aleksandar Zdravković, Vuk Stanojević, Denis ÄŒengaj, Marko Sanković

Oliver Seeliner, Viktor Jamiolkowski, Benedik Kischka, Wolfgang Polte, Tillmann Klein, Moritz Mayer, Paul Rettwitz, Marcel Danzer, Kai Jansen, Fridrich Bachmann, Vincent Muller, Alex Gutzler, Michael Hein