Lebanon: 0
Saudi Arabia: 0

  • Raymond Sabat (5),
  • Elia Allam (9),
  • Jean Tawil (25),
  • Nadim Feghali (29),
  • Raymond Sabat (32),
  • Karim Jamil (46),
  • Omar Marhaba (62),
  • Chris Sassine (75)
Saudi Arabia:
  • Gonzalo Lecuona (58)

  • Raeh Taouk (1/5),
  • Raymond Sabat (2/2),
  • Omar Marhaba (1/1)
Saudi Arabia:
  • Miguel Uys (1/1)

  • Joseph Alan,
  • Gayth Nasr,
  • Elia Allam,
  • Jeffery Tohme,
  • James Haddad,
  • Raymond Sabat,
  • Raeh Taouk,
  • Jean Tawil,
  • Julien Taouk,
  • Karim Jamil,
  • Marco Kairouz,
  • Habib Haddad,
  • Robert Farjallah.
  • Subs: Omar Marhaba,
  • Shadi el Baz,
  • Chris Sassine,
  • Nadim Feghali
Saudi Arabia:
  • Brad Ellis,
  • Sultan Salem,
  • Omar Yamak,
  • Fawaz Mansour Noibi,
  • Emir Demirhan,
  • Miguel Uys,
  • Gonzalo Lecuona,
  • Taher Gamil,
  • Malek Moumne,
  • Abdullah Kabbani,
  • Omar Fahmy Karim Farah,
  • Karim Safadi,
  • Muhammad Sillah.
  • Subs: Salem Madmoun,
  • Michael Saber,
  • Mahammed Nakouzi,
  • Faissal El Essawi

Match report


Lebanon GMEA Avachat Youth secured a second consecutive series win against the Saudi Select, clinching this year’s series with a convincing 40-6 victory in Beirut’s Hostler Centre. The Saudis had suffered in the cold and wind two days prior, losing 18-4, but the improved weather did nothing to help them as Lebanon turned in a commanding team performance.

Saudi Arabian RL Association president and team head coach Dave Kinkead was pleased with the standard of the games despite his team’s defeat: “These were probably the most physical games that Saudi and Lebanon have played in my time as head coach. What was most pleasing was the high level of skill on display. Both sides have made huge strides forward in terms of technique and playing ability. We are disappointed to lose but want to congratulate the Lebanese side on their win.”

His side had a couple of injuries from game one, while Lebanese coach Nayef Abisaid made one change, calling up Nadim Feghali in place of Fouad Abu Chedid, with the substitute one of Lebanon’s four first-half try-scorers as they racked up a 22-0 interval lead. Ray Sabat was again one of the home side’s best, scoring two tries and taking over the kicking duties from an out-of-sorts Roy Taouk to finish with 12 points. Gonzalo Lecuona got a deserved consolation for the battling Saudis.

RLEF MEA Director Remond Safi was pleased with the return of the local series after a year’s hiatus due to the political situation in Lebanon: “It was breath-taking to see the games being played at such a high skill level. The winner here is rugby league as this was a fantastic spectacle for the Middle East Africa region, hopefully we will see more nations in the upcoming MEA fixtures.”

Pictured: Omar Marhaba makes a break.