United States: 12
Canada: 18

United States:
    Taylor Alley 2, Casey Clark, Ryan Burroughs, Kenny Britt
    Alan Lafferty, Christian Miller, Jonathan Cregg, Trent Bourke, Enoch Wamalwa, Antoine Blanc

United States:
    Matt Walsh 4 /5
    Steve Piatek 6/6

Match report

Canada created history in Philadelphia when they defeated USA Hawks 36-28 in the first game of the three-match 2015 Colonial Cup Series.

The Wolverines had never won on neighbouring soil dating back to the first encounter between the two great rivals in 1987.

Canada coach Jamie Lester commented: “I am extremely proud of our performance and not just from the playing 17 but the entire squad that have been challenging each other for the past couple of months.

“It's great to get our first win on US soil but the job is only half done for now. I know that the Hawks were struck by a bit of adversity during the match, losing their captain and playmaker Richie Henson, along with injuries to other key personnel. The Hawks finished the game the stronger and will come back hungrier for the next match. It's really going to test our squad's resilience.”

Canada took an early lead through Alan Lafferty, the Hawks hitting back with tries from centre Taylor Alley and Casey Clark, both goaled by Matt Walsh.

Christian Miller with a touchdown for the visitors and a second conversion from the faultless Steve Piatek levelled matters and the visitors took the lead just before the break with a spectacular try finished by Jonathan Cregg.

Trent Bourke and Enoch Wamalwa extended the Wolverines’ lead, USA full-back Kenny Britt responding before Canada prop Antoine Blanc crashed over for the decisive score.

Alley posted a second try and exciting Ryan Burroughs crossed to set up an exciting finish but the visitors held on.

Kenny Britt (CNT FL Warriors), Rodrigus Ceasar (CNT FL Warriors), Ryan Burroughs (NOVA), Taylor Alley (Cnt Warriors), David Aguilar (Jax Axemen), Rich Henson (Philadelphia Fight), Matt Walsh (Connecticut Wildcats), Andrew Kneisly (Philadelphia Fight), Gareth Walker (CNT FL Warriors), Marcos Flegmann (Boston 13s), Jonathon Purnell (Jax Axemen), Casey Clark (Philadelphia Fight), Kevin Wiggins (Black Foxes), Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos), Terrance Williams (Atlanta Rhinos), Curtis Goddard (Boston 13s), Abe Cohen (NY Knights)

Robin Legault (Toronto Centurions), Trent Bourke (Abbotsford Griffins/Jamberoo Superoos), Jonathan Cregg (Toronto Centurions), Christian Miller (Brantford Broncos), Billy Gemmell (Brantford Broncos), Matt Wyles (Toronto Centurions), Steve Piatek (Brantford Broncos), Jason Locke (Toronto Centurions), Alan Lafferty (Brantford Broncos), Antoine Blanc (Toronto City Saints), Denny McCarthy (Oakville Crusaders), Erick Alvarado (Brantford Broncos), Max Smillie (Toronto Centurions), Eddie Billborough (Toronto City Saints), Joey Murphy (Surrey Beavers/Jamberoo Superoos), JT Rowbotham (Toronto Centurions), Enoch Wamalwa (Toronto City Saints)