England: 26
France: 14

    J. Brown 3, H. Brown 3, Boardman 2, Bechara, Lane
    Gaune 2, Clausells, Cochand

    J. Brown 4, Boardman 3, H. Brown
    Torres 2, Clausells 2, Gaune

Match report

In a pre-cursor to the Wheelchair European Championships which start this evening, England won the inaugural Kielty/Fassolite Trophy as they defeated World Champions France in Gillingham.

After a tight first half, England led 26-14 thanks to tries from Wayne Boardman - set up by local hero Joe Coyd - Sebastien Bechara with his debut score for his country, Jack and Harry Brown; Jack Brown kicking a penalty.

France responded through Mikael Gaune with two tries and they narrowed the gap further when Cyril Torres landed a penalty for offside on the hooter.

In the second half, Harry and Jack Brown both completed their hat-tricks, Martin Lane and Boardman with a second - from a great pass by Bechara - also crossing, to take the hosts past the half-century mark.

With fifteen minutes to go, France staged a mini comeback when Christophe Cochand and Nicolas Clausells went in for scores.

Wayne Boardman, Joe Coyd, James Simpson, Sebastien Bechara, Martin Lane, Jack Brown, Nathan Holmes, Harry Brown

Lionel Alazard, Laurent Despues, Nicolas Clausells, Chrsitophe Cochand, Manual Morais, Mikael Gaune, Michel Penella, Guillaume Mautz, Yann Menunier, Cyril Torres