United States: 20
Jamaica: 0

United States:
    Taylor Alley (5, 32, 48), Mike Timpano (11, 67), Junior Vaivai (20), Gabe Farley (50), Nick Newlin (59), Bart Longchamp (73), CJ Cortalano (78)
    Renaldo Wade (60)

United States:
    Mike Timpano 6/9, Junior Vaivai 1/1
    Ryan Grant 0/1

Match report


The USARL Hawks routed the Jamaica Reggae Warriors with a decisive 54-4 win Saturday in Philadelphia, PA, USA. This was the second of the three-game Rugby League Americas Championship Series.

The USARL Hawks started the scoring early in the game, Taylor Alley scoring a try in the first ten minutes of the contest.  Mike Timpano missed the conversion, leaving the score at USA 4 – Jamaica 0.  Just past the ten minute mark Timpano makes up for missing the conversion by scoring a try of his own.  Though he missed the conversion attempt, the Hawks nonetheless extended their advantage over the Reggae Warriors to eight points.

At the midway point of the first half, Junior Vaivai scored a try, and successfully kicked the conversion, giving the USARL Hawks a 14-0 lead over the Jamaica Reggae Warriors.  With eight minutes left in the first half, Taylor Alley scored his second try.  With Mike Timpano’s successful conversion kick, the USA took a 20-0 lead over Jamaica.  The Hawks would take this lead with them into halftime, keeping the Reggae Warriors out of the try zone during the first 40 minutes of the game.

Just a few minutes into the second half, the USARL Hawks committed a penalty, allowing the Jamaica Reggae Warriors the option to kick for points or for field position.  Jamaica opted to try for the two points, but missed the kick, leaving the score at USA 20, Jamaica 0.  The Hawks scored an unconverted try eight minutes into the second half to extend their advantage to 24.  The USA soon responded with yet another try from Gabe Farley.  Following the successful conversion kick by Mike Timpano, the Hawks built their lead over the Jamaica Reggae Warriors to 30-0.

USARL Hawks Captain Nick Newlin (Atlanta Rhinos) scored his first try of the game before the midpoint of the second half.  After the conversion kick by Mike Timpano, the USA took a 36-0 lead over Jamaica.  However, the Reggae Warriors’ Ronaldo Wade finally scored an unconverted try for Jamaica with 20 minutes left in the game.  This put the Reggae Warriors’ first (and only) points on the board, ever so slightly closing the Hawks advantage to 36-4.

After Jamaica’s try, the Hawks dominated the rest of the matchup.  The USA’s Timpano scored a try and a conversion with 13 minutes left in the game to bring the score to 42-4. Barthlemey Longchamp (Jacksonville Axemen) punched in another try with seven minutes left.  After yet another successful conversion kick off the foot of Timpano, the Hawks led the Reggae Warriors 48-4. 

With just two minutes left in the game, the Hawks struck once more, with CJ Cortalano scoring the contest’s final try.  After Timpano’s successful conversion kick, the Hawks took a 54-4 lead, which was also the final score of the game.

The last game in the three game Rugby League Americas Championship Series, the Canada Wolverines vs. the USARL Hawks, will take place on 24 September in Toronto, ON Canada.  With large losses to both the Wolverines and the Hawks, Jamaica now heads home with only six points in the tournament.  The winner of the Canada vs. USA matchup will clinch the 2016 Rugby League Americas Championship.

Rich Mizell, Mike Timpano, Gabe Farley, Taylor Alley, Roman Lowrey, Junior Vaivai, Matt Walsh, Nick Newlin, CJ Cortalano, Andrew Kneisly, Casey Clark, Luke Barron, Jon Purnell, Bbart Longchamp, Josh Rice, Joe Eichner, Jared Frymoyer

Demone McDougal, Jermaine Pinnock, Adrian Myers, Fabion Turner, Renaldo Wade, Ryan Grant, Marvin Thompson, Jason Gooden, Robert Rodney, Mike Williams, Nicholas Wright, Wesley Haughton, Leon Thomas, Adrian Hall, Romaen Campbell, Antonio Baker, Khamisi Mckain