Serbia: 0
Lebanon: 0

  • Pavle Vojinovic (6),
  • Stefan Vukanovic (26),
  • Pavle Vojinovic (42),
  • Vladimir Milutinovic (80)
  • Ziad Agha (3),
  • Raymond Sabat (13),
  • Raymond Sabat (53),
  • Omar Marhaba (64)

  • Andrej Mora (1/4)
  • Joseph Alan (1/3),
  • James Haddad (0/1)

  • Andrej Mora,
  • Pavle Vojinovic,
  • Aleksa Radic,
  • Slavko Markovic,
  • Enis Bibic,
  • Branko Carapic,
  • Aleksandar Stojanovic,
  • Dario Abidinovic,
  • Kosta Stojkovic,
  • Velibor Ristic,
  • Peter Kovac,
  • Relja Petrovic,
  • Denis Bajrami.
  • Subs: Aleksandar Pavlovic,
  • Stefan Vukanovic,
  • Vladimir Milutinovic,
  • Stefan Arsic
  • Raymond Sabat,
  • Malek Noureddine,
  • Alfred Bowles,
  • James Haddad,
  • Marc Mansour,
  • Imad Chidiac,
  • Joseph Alan,
  • Ziad Agha,
  • George Farah,
  • Muhamed Akil,
  • Jean Michael Rizk,
  • Omar Marhaba,
  • George Yazbeck.
  • Subs: Luc Savadago,
  • Hisham Al Yafi,
  • Nicolas Traboulsi,
  • Rany Abi Falah

Match report


Vladimir Milutinovic

's late try enabled Serbia U21s to draw the opening match of their two-game series with the Junior Cedars, 18-all, at Belgrade’s SC Inge stadium. Serbia’s substitute scored in the dying minutes, capping a game full of excitement and momentum shifts.

Lebanon twice took the lead early in the game through tries from Ziad Agha and Ray Sabat but the hosts hit back with a Pavle Vojinović touchdown and converted try from Stefan Vukanović to give them a 10-8 lead at the break.

When winger Vojinović scored his second at the start of the second half, it looked as though the Serbians would take control but it was just the opposite, Lebanon again edging ahead with impressive centre Sabat crossing again and Joseph Aslan converting Omar Marhaba’s try to make it 18-14 to the visitors. Milutinović saved the Serbian blushes but his try was too far out for Đorše Stošić to convert and win the game.

“It was a good first test for both teams” said Serbian U21 coach Admir Hadžić. “Our boys were a little bit more nervous and that’s the reason we play this games, so that they can appreciate what international rugby is all about. It will be great to see how they respond.“

The second Test is scheduled for Sunday 25 September at FK Heroj Polet in Jajinci.