Denmark: 0
Norway: 0

    Mubanda, Whitehead, B. Simmonds (2), Sørensen
    Kristoffer Milligan, Stephen Mwikaria (3) Chris Stalsberg, Nathan Cummins, Bendik Kalvik, Kristian Paulsen

    J. Simmonds 1/3, B. Simmonds 1/2
    Cummins 7/8

Match report

Norway won the Nordic Cup with their first ever win over Denmark in Denmark, a tremendous effort highlighted by three well-taken tries from Stephen Mwikaria.

Norway withstood an early onslaught from Denmark, with Kalvik and Flage especially mighty in defence, and found a way through the Danish defensive line with the first of Mwikaria’s tries, as he burst through from an incisive pass by Milligan to run clear and score.

Denmark battled hard and Simmonds found his way through the Norwegian line on two occasions to score, but it was Norway’s day and their supporters joined the players in celebrating after the final whistle.

Norway coach Dave Hunter said: "This was a great win from my players! It was the first time we've beaten the Danes in Denmark. Five years ago, we blooded a lot of inexperienced young players. We lost a lot of games, but now it is paying off. Our preparation was excellent: The guys turned up with a fantastic attitude and played with great heart. I could not have asked for more from them". 

Josh Whitehead, Ben Simmonds, Otto Kaszner, Anders Kiel Ankerstjerne Sørensen, Joe Simmonds, Justin Eyles, Frederik Schønnemann Larsen, Mark Bailey, Jakob Ostergaard Brinklov, Thyge Riisgaard, Eugene Hanrahan, Brian Mammen, Mark Hojelsen., Jesper Ika, Nigel Kitching, Silas Mubanda

Gilbert Haydamous, Bendik Kalvik, Svein Åge Breimon, Reidar Flage, Leif Andreas Nilsen, Stephen Mwikaria, Nathan Cummins, Sjur Strand, Kristoffer Milligan, Mathias Vada, Stenseth Holm, Harald Mikelsen, Nils Holte, Kevin Båtnes, Kristian Paulsen, Chris Stalsberg, Ravn Arvidsønn, Josh Skidmore-Hornby