19 Feb 2015

In preparation for what promises to be the most extensive domestic season in the modern history of Italian rugby league, the Federazione Italiana Rugby League has run three U18 training camps. Overseen by national team coach Paul Broadbent and his assistant Kelly Rolleston, the technical camps began in Turin and ended in Brescia with 60 youngsters participating.

Broadbent commented, “It's been another very positive step in FIRL’s progression. It was great working with more new players, helping develop the sport at grassroots and with the next generation. We did a lot of work on the technical skills of rugby league.”

FIRL will conduct a second series of camps, this time in the north east area, on 14-15 March, after which the expanded schedule for the U18 club competition will be released. Rolleston added, “The aim of increasing last season’s three-team U18 competition to a six-team competition started well.

“There were some quality young players and we look forward to seeing their progress during the 2015 championship. I would like to think that some of the players we have seen over the weekend could be involved in the national men’s team over the next few years and, who knows, if Italy qualifies for the next Rugby League World Cup in 2017 they could find themselves on the field with some of the best players in the world.”