Malta: 16
Czech Republic: 6

  • Jean Scholey (5),
  • Alfie Jewitt (10),
  • Zarrin Galea (25)
Czech Republic:
  • David Bělohlávek (30),
  • Ondřej Preininger (42),
  • Tomáš Řičica (46),
  • Jakub Hudrlík (62),
  • Jakub Hudrlík (67),
  • Tomáš Řičica (70),
  • Tomáš Horák (73)

  • Zarrin Galea (2/3)
Czech Republic:
  • Jakub Hudrlík (6/7)

  • Mark Camilleri,
  • Jean Scholey,
  • Cameron Brown,
  • Alfie Jewitt,
  • Shan Francois Hussain,
  • Christian Briffa,
  • Zarrin Galea,
  • Dean Zammit,
  • Robin Cutjar,
  • Jeremy Dela,
  • Russell Bugeja,
  • Jean-Pierre Zarb,
  • Justin Barlogio.
  • Subs: Justin Farrugia,
  • James Grech,
  • Auden Denicoli
Czech Republic:
  • Tomáš Horák,
  • Martin Kubát,
  • Roman Richtr,
  • Filip-Daniel Kittl,
  • Antonín Berk,
  • Matěj Greenwood,
  • Jakub Hudrlík,
  • Jan Říha,
  • Tomáš Řičica,
  • David Bělohlávek,
  • Taras Turkevyč,
  • Jan Hovard,
  • Ondřej Preininger.
  • Subs: Daniel Veselý,
  • Jiří Pecina,
  • Tomáš Kasík,
  • Josef Chuchlík

Match report

The final of the Euro Championship D on Sunday will feature Czechia - after they defeated Malta 40-16 in the opening game, and Netherlands - who beat hosts Turkey 40-18, in a double-header at the Huseyin Akar Tesisler Stadium in Bodrum.

Over 500 fans watched the matches which both saw dominant second half displays by the victors.

The opening encounter was marred by a compound leg fracture to Czech substitute Jiří Pecina in the 16th minute soon after he came on from the bench, which led to a 30 minute delay as he was treated, and it was injuries to a number of Maltese players that ultimately cost them.

“Our first half was horrible,” said Czechia head coach David Lahr. “We started really badly and then lost one of our best players to injury. We wish him well and hope that it is not the end of his career and dedicate the win to him. In the second half we started to get more control around the ruck and that was what we needed. I’m really proud because we only used domestic players and that is the best for us.”

Malta led 16-0 with only 25 minutes gone, scrum half Zarrin Galea from Redcliffe Dolphins with a try and two goals, but two Czechia touchdowns in six minutes after half time swung the match, scrum half Jakub Hudrlík ending with 20 points thanks to two tries and six goals; Chrudim Rabbitohs hooker Tomáš Řičica also with a brace.

Malta head coach Roderick Attard noted: “We are very disappointed especially as we were leading early on but our squad is small and that told as we had no one left on the bench. It was a team effort to finish the game and everybody contributed as best they could.”