About ERL

9 Apr 2020

The European Rugby League Federation is the confederation for Rugby League in Europe, North & Central America, the Middle East and Africa. 

It oversees and co-ordinates the development of the sport in all its Member and Affiliated countries and territories, as well as neighbouring organisations that choose to link to the ERL.

There are three levels of affiliation, two Membership categories and one non-Member categories. Full Members receive four votes, Affiliate Members one vote, and Observers no votes.

The Members form the Council or general assembly and can vote at the AGM. France and England, as senior Full Members, have a combined veto power over the Council. The Board is mandated by the AGM for two-years and has between 4-7 Directors.

The RFL and FFRXIII each have one seat on the Board; two seats are voted by the Membership, and three seats reserved for Independent Directors. The chair is elected by the Directors.

The executive is formed by the general manager, who oversees three regional directors, in addition to coaching, officiating and media staff.

The ERL, as a confederation, is an Associate Member of the International Rugby League.

Foundation date: January 2003

[email protected]

European Rugby League, 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ

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