Greek Rugby League Federation

The Hellenic Federation of Rugby League was recognized by the Greek justice system in August 2013. The HFRL was the result of the “Committee for the foundation of a Hellenic Rugby League Federation” which operated as an NGO for several months.

The first Greek rugby league club was “Promitheas” in the Piraeus region of Athens (est. 2012). The sport gradually grew from there with teams from across the nation joining. In 2015 and 2016, following a lengthy investigation, the ERL Council voted unanimously to suspend HFRL for acting against the interests of international rugby league. Following a lack of commitment to rehabilitate, HFRL was expelled from the membership in August 2016.

The Greek clubs that had been instrumental in resisting the HFRL's poor practices formed the Greek Rugby League Association, with two founding members, Patron Achaikos Athletic Club and Rhodes Knights Athletic Club.

The general assembly is formed by clubs, with Aris Eagles and Attica Rhinos joining in 2018. The six-strong board of directors has a two-year mandate.

The GRLA gained ERL observer status on the 23rd of March 2017.  In early 2018, Greece gained ERL Affiliate Membership becoming eligible to compete in the World Cup 2021 qualifying process.

The GRLA became the Greek Rugby League Federation (GRLF) in 2022 after gaining official recognition.


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