England: 16
Ireland: 0

  • Luke Phoenix (14),
  • Joe Riley (17),
  • Joe Wardill (24),
  • Jake Lightowler (37),
  • Jack Mallinson (46),
  • Joe Riley (55),
  • Nathan Rushworth (73),
  • Nathan Redmond (80)

  • Jack Mallinson (7/8)

  • Iwan Orr,
  • Luke Phoenix,
  • Joe Wardill,
  • Leon Stewart,
  • Jack Cherry,
  • Jack Mallinson,
  • Joe Riley,
  • Christian Gale,
  • Alfie Crawford,
  • Jordan Bull,
  • Charlie McCurrie,
  • Daniel White,
  • Jake Lightowler.
  • Subs: Nathan Redmond,
  • Matty Rudd,
  • Aaron Powell,
  • Nathan Rushworth
  • Ellis Keppel,
  • Eoin Creaby,
  • David Goodman,
  • Louis O'Sullivan,
  • Harry Worsley,
  • Jake Murray,
  • Thomas Ashurst,
  • Paul Bolger,
  • Ryan Hogg,
  • Jamie Gill,
  • Conor Creaby,
  • Samuel Winney,
  • James Mulvaney.
  • Subs: Alex Duff,
  • Josh Hawthorne,
  • Louis Collins,
  • Sean Tracey

Match report

England produced a solid start to their Student Four Nations defence when they saw off Ireland 46-0 in Pontypridd on Sunday afternoon.

Ireland started well and nearly scored, Ellis Keppel was held up over the line. However, the momentum went England’s way after Jamie Gill was yellow carded for dissent.

Just before he came back on, England took the lead on 14 minutes with a Luke Phoenix try in the corner. Jack Mallinson converted.

They doubled their lead from kick-off. Joe Riley raced away and placed the ball just left of the sticks and Mallinson converted.

As thunder boomed from the sky, former Hull KR centre Joe Wardill twisted over for England’s third try, scored on 24 minutes, which went unconverted and they led 16-0 at the break.

Six minutes into the second half, Mallinson crossed for England’s fourth try of the game. Joe Riley added the next with Mallinson again improving.

England went down to 12 after Christian Gale was sinbinned but it didn’t make any difference.

Nathan Rushworth went in under the sticks with seven minutes remaining for England’s sixth, with Mallinson easily landing the kick.

Jake Lightowler soon added their seventh with Mallinson again kicking well to bring up 40.

Nathan Redmond sprinted over 50 metres for a try in the final move of the game with Mallinson again converting.