Czech Republic: 2
Netherlands: 24

  • Mitch Donnelly (20),
  • Dimitri Harringa (25),
  • Mike Prins (32),
  • Tom Turnock (38),
  • Maas Van Der Reek (45),
  • Harry Mulligan (54)

Czech Republic:
  • Jakub Tichy (1/1)
  • Harry Mulligan (6/6)

Czech Republic:
  • Oldrich Chrbolka,
  • Dominik Fiser,
  • Tomas Kasik,
  • Roman Richtr,
  • Jakub Tichy,
  • Daniel Veselý,
  • Tomáš Řičica,
  • Jan Hovard,
  • Jan Kubat,
  • Jaroslav Novotny,
  • Tomas Adamec,
  • Ondrej Preninger,
  • David Bělohlávek.
  • Subs: Jakub Hudrlik,
  • Vit Studecky,
  • Tomas Brejtr,
  • Erik Schulz
  • Harry Mulligan,
  • Mike Prins,
  • Mitch Donnelly,
  • Maas Van Der Reek,
  • Dimitri Harringa,
  • Laury Renac,
  • Will Johnston,
  • Mauricio Gomez Pazos,
  • James Adams,
  • Bonne Wilce,
  • Kees Kuijpers,
  • Paul Kuijpers,
  • Tom Van Bokhoven.
  • Subs: Frank Longhurst,
  • Rowan Schuiling,
  • Tom Turnock,
  • Daan van Rossum

Match report

Netherlands completed their hectic autumn international programme with a fifth consecutive win, defeating Czech Republic 36-2 in a men’s senior international at Harta Rugby Club, Vrchlabí. The visitors had six different try scorers, with full back Harry Mulligan again leading the way with 16 points grabbing the final touchdown to go with a perfect six conversions in poor conditions.

Netherlands head coach, Dave Hunter, commented: “It was a tough and physical game, the Czechs were really gallant in defeat. There were periods where we let them dominate, but it was a combination of skill and the fact that we really gelled that got us the win. Dimitri Harringa, made his debut and was outstanding and to not concede a try was a fitting end to our season.”

Czech Republic’s only points came from a penalty in the 16th minute that gave them an early lead. “We have started really well, were executing our game plan exactly,” said Czech head coach Petr Sedina: “The first 20 minutes we were in the game, but unfortunately we did not convert our chances early on. The next 20 minutes we made handling errors which cost us dearly although I am pleased we put in a huge effort in the final quarter defensively. Netherlands were ultimately the better team and we are thankful to them for the game.”