Serbia: 0
Lebanon: 0

  • Ivan Antanasijević (4),
  • Filip Stošić (10),
  • Vasilije Jovanović (22),
  • Nik Ramišvili (33),
  • Filip Stošić (38),
  • Vasilije Jovanović (41),
  • Nemanja Zlatanović (44),
  • Nik Ramišvili (49),
  • Filip Stošić (59)
  • Omar Marhaba (54)

  • Uroš Radulović (4/8),
  • Pero Madzarovic (1/1)
  • Liam Laba (0/1)

  • Zdravko Stikić,
  • Nemanja Zlatanović,
  • Filip Stošić,
  • Nemanja Bajić,
  • Branko Ćorić,
  • Ivan Antanasijević,
  • Vasilije Jovanović,
  • Sergej Devetak,
  • Srdjan Četnik,
  • Miloš Jovanović,
  • Uroš Radulović,
  • Nemanja Petrović,
  • Pero Madzarovic.
  • Subs: Vukašin Rajšić,
  • Nikola Stojmenović,
  • Nik Ramišvili,
  • Jan Kulik
  • Ali Kanj,
  • Jad Risk,
  • Andre Khoury,
  • George Farah,
  • Mamoun Soufan,
  • Adam Dahbache,
  • Mohamad Dahbache,
  • George Yazbeck,
  • Thomas Zachariou,
  • Ayman Soultan,
  • Maxime Chalhoub,
  • Liam Laba,
  • Sadec Choucaire.
  • Subs: Nour el Baba,
  • Omar Marhaba,
  • Chris Dalati,
  • Karim Tannir

Match report


Serbian Under-18s beat their Lebanese counterpart in the second game of the Serbian Youth Festival, nicely setting up the third and final encounter with English-Midlands U18s on Sunday afternoon. The Junior Cedars finished their participation in the festival with a second 4-46 defeat.

Serbia had a hat-trick hero in centre Filip Stošić, whose runs confounded the tired tourists' defence. Stand-off Ivan Antanasijević opened the scoreboard after only 4 minutes and then Stošić scored his first try in the 10th minute. Lebanon answered with some strong pressure from several repeat sets, but the Serbs defended robustly to keep the visitors at bay. After failing to minimize the hosts' lead the Lebanon side began to suffer after two consecutive days of playing and their defensive line collapsed. Vasilije Jovanović scored the first of his two tries in the 22nd minute after a notable solo effort. Uroš Radulović added the extra points for the first time from three kicks. The end of the first half and the start of the second period saw the bad side of the Middle Easterners, with left three-quarter pair George Farah and Mamoun Soufan sent off after kicking.

Serbia scored just seconds after their guests fell two men short. Nik Ramišvili crossed in the 33rd minute and after consecutive penalties Stošić and Jovanović scored their second. Nemanja Zlatanović scored out wide and Ramišvili scored his second in 49th minute. Lebanon, who never gave up, scored a consolation in what was their best period of the game, but a last minute try from man of the match Stošić gave the Serbians the deserved last word.

Serbia U18s head coach Slaviša Zekić was satisfied after the win, but is aware that tomorrow his team has hard task in the decider versus the English: “I’m, of course, satisfied with the win. The players were very emotional after the [training] camp;  they wanted to show what they are able to do, but tomorrow they’ll have to stick with the game plan much better. We know that the odds are against us tomorrow, but we’ll try to show our best and we’ll see if that’s going to be enough.”

Pictured: Georges Yazbeck hits it up.


Mladen Randjic, Slavko Markovic

Karl Kaloustain, Khaled El Makari.