Spain: 0
Serbia: 0

    Juan Pablo Rango (69)
    Vojislav Dedić (6), Jason Muranka (17), Miloš Ćalić (21,60,65), Relja Petrović (32), Dalibor Samardžić (36,39), Stevan Stevanović (47,50), David Anđelić (53), Pero Madžarević (73,79)

    Clement Laguerre 0/1
    Vojislav Dedić 1/3, Dalibor Vukanović 5/8, Džavid Jašari 0/1

Match report

Serbia ran 13 tries in a convincing 64-4 win against hosts Spain in a Test match at Quatre Carreres, Valencia. It was the last test for both sides before 2017 Rugby League World Cup European qualifiers next month, and the visitors looked like the team best prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Looking nervous at the start, Serbia broke the dead lock in 6th minute with a try from Vojislav Dedić which soon put the Serbians at ease. When Jason Muranka scored 11 minutes later it opened a series of four more Serbian tries before halftime. Winger Dalibor Samardžić got two and both Miloš Ćalić and Relja Petrović added one each for a comfortable 28-0 lead at halftime.

The visitors didn’t stop there – Stevan Stevanović’s beautiful 60-metre try after a good move from Stefan Nedeljković opened the second half in which Serbia crossed the line seven more times. Stevanović soon got his brace, while two further tries gave Ćalić a hat-trick. Highly motivated Australian born front row David Andjelić capped his fine performance with a debut try for his country, while Pero Madžarević finally scored also after good performance.

As expected, Serbian coach Ljubomir Bukvić was thrilled with a big victory: “We are obviously extremely happy with the score, but more important we are pleased with the team play, great spirit and motivation from our players. Even though it was a team effort, I want to point out how our three heritage players fitted in so well and how professionally they performed. This is a huge boost for us, but when Monday comes we are going back to practise hard and further prepare ourselves for qualifiers."

Both teams are scheduled to continue their quest for the 2017 World Cup in October's qualifiers, with Serbia playing Wales and Italy in Group A, while Spain will rival Ireland and Russia in Group B.

Clement Laguerre, Pedro Andujar, Perelo, Antonio Puerta, Matias Humbert-Garcia, Adria Alonso, Andrew Pilkington, Daniel Moreno, Gonzalo Moro, Hugo Fernandez, Luis Thorp, Matt Dulley, Juan Pablo Rango. Subs: Remy Bueno, Aitor Romero, Ruben Romero, Raul Simo

Miloš Zogović, Relja Petrović, Pero Madžarević, Miloš Ćalić, Dalibor Samardžić, Vojislav Dedić, Dalibor Vukanović, David AnÄ‘elić, Vladislav Dedić, Stefan Nedeljković, Jason Muranka, Chad Grant. Subs: Aleksa Radić, Vlado Kušić, Miodrag Tomić, Džavid Jašari