Serbia: 0
England: 34

  • Rob Crompton (4),
  • Brandon Wood (7),
  • Curtis Teare (12),
  • Rob Crompton (19),
  • Curtis Teare (23),
  • Joe Digby (28),
  • Sam Favell (37),
  • Cameron Hetherington (47),
  • Curtis Teare (50),
  • Rob Crompton (53),
  • George Senior (68)

  • Gary McMahon (10/11)

  • Marko Jakovljevic,
  • Matija Mihajlovic,
  • Zane Bijorac,
  • Aleksandar Stefulj,
  • Vuk Tomic,
  • Ilija Krstic,
  • Daniel Marjanovic,
  • Veljko Stankovic,
  • Jai Smith,
  • Mihajlo Stoiljkovic,
  • Vladimir Milutinovic,
  • Zane Marolt,
  • Matthew Dragisic.
  • Subs: Mihailo Tomic,
  • Dorotej-Dado Arnold,
  • Marko Simovic,
  • Marko Jankovic
  • Curtis Teare,
  • Ben Selby,
  • Rob Crompton,
  • Brandon Wood,
  • James Goulsbra-Miller,
  • Gary McMahon,
  • Calum Coleman,
  • Leon Harber,
  • Callum Wood,
  • Jake Bradley,
  • Liam Kenyon,
  • George Senior,
  • Louis Brogan.
  • Subs: Elias Harrison,
  • Sam Favell,
  • Cameron Hetherington,
  • Joe Digby

Match report

In front of a packed stadium and a national TV audience, England stamped their authority on the tournament with a clinical win over the hosts Serbia

England showed their skills early on as Rob Crompton cross the line after just four minutes and it continued in this vein for the rest of the half as captain Curtis Teare scored two from clever passes by Callum Coleman, Crompton got a second with a clear run through under the posts and Joe Digby coasted over in the corner after a Coleman mis-pass put him over 5 minutes out

The Serbia team were not despondent, however, and put in some hard hits in defence and some sharp running that got the crowd up and roaring them on.

England's 34-0 lead at the half was never under threat, however, and after Favell scored from close range just two minutes into the half, it was clear that there would more points put on the board.

This was proved when England ran in three in six minutes, with Teare and Crompton completing hat-tricks and Hetherington lighting up the match with a storming run over the line from a tap penalty

The Serbia crowd never stopped shouting their support for the home team and the Serbs responded with some clever play that brought them right up to the England line, but they just couldn't quite find a way through, and England finished off the game with a final try as George Senior found space to put down in the corner for a final score of Serbia 0 England 64

England will go on to play Wales in the Cup Semi-finals, while Serbia will regroup and play a Ranking Semi-Final against Ukraine